August 17th, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. 11s Hunter Schuerenerg
2. 57 Casey Shuman
3. 7r Dave Darland
4. 5 Jon Stanbrough
5. 10e Scott Weir
6. 10f Blake Fitzpatrick
7. 35 Sammy Imel
8. 66s Corey Smith
9. 7c Cole Carter
10. 77s Dustin Smith
11. 82 Bart Grider
12. 71a Caleb Armstrong
13. 66j Josh Spencer
14. 42 Scott Hampton
15. 32 Ron Dennis
16. 9k Kevin Thomas, Jr.
17. 11z Zach Osburn
18. 78 Adam Byrkett
19. 96 Larry Bontager
20. 70 AJ Martin
21. 44 Tom Davies

Street Stock A-Main
1. 8 David Hurst
2. 18m Andre Missig
3. 11h Ryan Hines
4. 48 Arnie Prater
5. 9 Glen Gamblin
6. 17 Tristan Ramseyer
7. 5 Brent Osburn
8. 62 David Jarvis
9. 13 Adam Heady
10. 1 Jimmy Nutter
11. 83 Kevin Mullin
DNS H0 Lee Hobbs
DNS 84 Thurman Wines

Thunder Car A-Main
1. 56 Tony Bowman
2. 215 Gerald Armfield
3. 26 Jason Larrison
4. 7d Allen Davis
5. 83 Ray Molder
6. 75 Marvin Uitts
7. 2h Tim Huffman
8. L215 Paul Whittaker
9. 48 Travis Wolford
10. 5j Jim Summitt
11. 88 Jeremy Koon
12. 0 Chris Clark
13. 92 Scott Apple
14. 2w James White
15. 11h Loren Sharp
16. B1 Brandon Nutter
17. 28d David Atkins
18. 12c Steve Clark
19. 38 Michael Shidler
20. 515 Joe Schwegan

Thunder Car B-Main
1. B1 Nutter (TR)
2. 92 Apple (TR)
3. 2h Huffman (TR)
4. 515 Schwegan (TR)
5. 12c Clark (TR)
6. 85 Warrell Law
7. 952 Brad Clark
8. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
9. 33 Jeff Shaw
DNS 28 Robert Howard
DNS 48a Fred Atkins
DNS 2v Jeff Vogel

UMRA TQ Midget A-Main
1. 19 Brent Turner
2. 22 Tate Martz
3. 20 Ron Combs
4. 92 Zach Cougill
5. 78 Robbie Roland
6. 72 Oogie Goff
7. 11 Brandon Gray
8. 25 Jason Willis
9. 77 Tren Henderson
10. 35 Tyler Garrity
11. 87 Travis Stickles
12. 80 Doug Roland
13. 26 Bobby Walton
14. 17 Michael Koontz
15. 7 John Shewbrooks
16. 98 Jerry Riley
17. 96 Kevin Alford
18. 53 Kevin Thomas, Jr.
19. 1 Terry Goff
20. 90 Patrick Wolf
21. 29 Joey Paxson
22. 13 Jeremy Rainwater
23. 21 Nick Speidel
24. 41 Scot Quintel

Schuerenberg makes it five
Hurst, Bowman and Turner collect wins

By Derek Fisher

Racing lore suggests that some things are bad luck and must be avoided at all costs; among those things are the color green, peanuts, the full moon and car numbers which read the same upside down as right-side up. On a night in which there were green wristbands on the arms of the paying fans and a full moon hanging above the Kokomo Speedway, one would assume that the evening would be filled with calamity. Somehow, the opposite occured and Hunter Schuerenberg was the winner of a sprint car program that was run with nary a caution flag.

Schuerenberg cruised to his fifth Kokomo conquest of 2008 after starting outside the second row in the A feature. After stealing second from Blake Fitzpatrick on lap 6, Schuerenberg had a brief tussle with July 13 and August 10 winner Dave Darland before taking the lead for good on lap 10 and running away from the field.

“I was trying to be a little more patient tonight,” said the Jeff’s Jam-It-In Storage pilot from the winner’s circle. “We’ve had a rough go of things the last couple weeks, and Kansas City [on Saturday night] didn’t go so well either. We’re just trying to get the ball back rolling and win some more.”

In a departure from his usual high-wire antics, the early portion of the main event saw Schuerenberg try his luck in the bottom groove. After falling to fourth behind second-row mate Casey Shuman the second lap, Schuerenberg utilized the low line to retake third on lap three and snare second from Fitzpatrick three circuits later.

While the low side had moved him to the runner-up spot, it wasn’t long before the native-Missourian Schuerenberg climbed back up top and began to reel in Darland, who was also riding the cushion. Crossing beneath the flagstand in close quarters on laps eight and nine, Darland watched Schuerenberg diamond off the fourth corner on the tenth circuit to bag the top spot.

A brief bobble by Schuerenberg in turn two on lap 11 gave some momentum back to Darland, but Schuerenberg held off a turn three charge by the four-time Kokomo champion and was unchallenged for the remaining 14 laps, building nearly a half-lap lead at the finish.

As Schuerenberg made it quite mundane at the front of the field, the action behind him was anything but boring. After losing third to Schuerenberg early and falling to fifth behind Scotty Weir on lap four, Shuman steadily increased his position beginning midway through the event. Working through lapped traffic in the Paul Hazen No. 57, the second-generation driver overtook Weir on lap 14, Fitzpatrick on lap 16 and Darland on lap 17 to grab second.

Also on the move was 2006 sprint champion Jon Stanbrough. After starting in 13th, the Avon driver slipped into fifth on lap 19 after circling Fitzpatrick. After working Weir for three circuits, Stanbrough eventually wrestled fourth from the Edison Motorsports driver on lap 22. Weir held on for fifth at the finish.

In the street stock A-main David Hurst found victory lane for the fourth time this season, leading all 15 laps despite steady pressure from Ryan Hines.

After starting on the pole Hurst led with Hines, Andre Missig and Tristan Ramseyer in tow in the early running. By the fourth circuit, August 10 winner Jim Nutter had made a move into the fourth position from his ninth spot on the starting grid. Also on the go was Glen Gamblin, riding into fifth around Ramseyer on lap five.

After Ramseyer dropped to the back following a spin on lap seven the top five of Hurst, Hines, Missig, Nutter and Gamblin were running away from the remainder of the field. Hurst pulled out to a half-straightaway advantage over Hines before a lap nine yellow bunched things up, giving Hines another shot at the lead with just six laps remaining.

Joining in the fight after the lap nine caution was Arnie Prater, who passed Gamblin for fifth on lap 13. When Nutter dropped out with just one lap remaining, fourth place was Prater’s and fifth Gamblin’s. Missig made one last lunge at second on the final circuit and made it stick, relegating Hines to third at the checkers. Prater and Gamblin rounded out the top five, and Ramseyer rebounded for sixth.

It was the same old story in the thunder car division. Tony Bowman was yet again the winner, taking home his seventh consecutive and overall 2008 feature win.

Bowman started outside the front row in the A main and was never seriously challenged in the 15-lap event. Teammates Gerald Armfield and Paul Whittaker ran second and third, respectively, behind Bowman for the first half of the race before Whittaker spun in turn four on lap eight, sending him to the tail.

That opened the door for Allen Davis to leap into the third spot with Jason Larrison close behind in fourth. With the top two unchanged over the remaining laps, Larrison made the event interesting with a last-lap pass of Davis for third. Ray Molder rounded out the top five.

Brent Turner led the balance of the 25-lap UMRA TQ midget feature. He was followed by Tate Martz, Ron Combs, Zach Cougill and Robbie Roland.