August 2nd, 2009

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1.29w Cole Whitt
2.14 Coleman Gulick
3.11 Hunter Schuerenberg
4.10f Blake Fitzpatrick
5.36 Brady Short
6.27a Andrew Elson
7.7 Cole Carter
8.17 Nic Faas
9.1x Kurt Gross
10.11d Justin Grant
11.41 Steve Ott
12.18 Travis Welpott
13.16 Billy Puterbaugh
14.68 Jonathan Hendrick
15.58 Jamie Fredrickson
16.54 Cam Schafer
17.66j Josh Spencer
18.10e Shane Cottle
19.38 Seth Parker
20.9k Kevin Thomas, Jr.
21.1 Dave Gross

15 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1.11h Lee Hobbs
2.9 Glen Gamblin
3.8 David Hurst
4.56 Tony Bowman
5.1n Jimmy Nutter
6.3n Kaleb Nutter
7.71 Dennis Freeland
8.72 Jason Trimmer
9.12 Jesse Dixon
10.11w Thurman Wines
11.89b Bobby Burton
12.1t Ervin Turner
DNS 83 Kevin Mullin

15 Lap UMP Thunder Car A Main
1.48w Travis Wolford
2.11d Allen Davis
3.215 Gerald Armfield
4.44 Dave Fritz
5.37 Jason Fritz
6.17 Josh Martin
7.55 Jerry Taylor
8.48a David Atkins
9.75 Marvin Uitts
10.83 Ray Molder
11.38jb John Antoine
12.92 Scott Apple
13.87 Kyle Zimmerman
14.92z Chanteal Zimmerman
15.25 TJ Smith
16.3b Troy Black
17.21s Bryar Schroeter
18.12c Steve Clark
19.14 Kris Workman
20.8 David Tanner

10 Lap UMP Thunder Car B Main (Top 5 to the A Main)
1.14 Workman
2.92 Apple
3.87 Zimmerman
4.12c Clark
5.25 Smith
6.26 Jason Larrison
7.56 Jerrod Jackson
8.13 Rick Paul
DNS 85 Warrell Law
DNS 95 Jeremy Van Ness
DNS 11m Landon Miller
DNS 23c Brad Clark

25 Lap UMRA TQ Midget A Main
1.1 Terry Goff
2.20 Ron Combs
3.19 Brent Turner
4.96 Oogie Goff
5.92 Zach Cougill
6.14 Travis Welpott
7.26 Bobby Walton
8.68 Wayne Harpering
9.80 Doug Roland
10.17 Michael Koontz
11.78 Robbie Roland
12.11 Brandon Gray
13.72 Johnny Goff
14.7 John Shewbrooks
15.13 Jeremy Rainwater
16.28 Diun Sinnger
17.97 AJ Nigh
18.32 Brian Landry
19.35 Trent Henderson
20.53 Jonathan Hendrick
DNS 10 Ron Hamm

Whitt Makes it Seven
Hobbs, Wolford, Goff take undercard wins

By Derek Fisher

When the history of Kokomo Speedway is written, Aug. 2, 2009 will be little more than a result, one footnote among hundreds in the storied oval’s history. The program, a regular card like many others over the past 62 years, will appear rather ordinary in retrospect. Looking back, the box score will show that only two drivers led a lap of the evening’s main event, swapping the lead just three times between them.

The statistics will betray the truth.

In one of the most intense and thrilling races in recent memory at the Davis Road institution, Cole Whitt outdueled Justin Grant and Hunter Schuerenberg over 25 frantic laps of OmniSource sprint car action on Sunday night, claiming his seventh feature win of the season in the division in the process.

“That was a long drive home,” Whitt said of his return to Kokomo after finishing 6th in Saturday night’s Belleville, Kan. Midget Nationals. “I’ve got to thank [crew chief] Chuck Gurney Jr. and Red Bull for all their help. Hopefully we can keep this going the rest of the year.”

At the race’s outset it was Grant stretching out a commanding lead over the first four circuits, as Whitt did battle with Shane Cottle for second and Schuerenberg mounted a charge to the front from the 10th position on the grid.

After a stoppage for Kevin Thomas Jr.’s lap four flip, Grant again paced the field in the high groove with Whitt, Cottle and Blake Fitzpatrick in tow. When Cottle endured a bicycle and Fitzpatrick executed a half-spin on laps nine and 10, respectively, the door was opened for Schuerenberg to lay claim to the show position.

Approaching lapped traffic on the 13th circuit, the lead trio commenced the duel that made the race a classic. Working lap 14 amid the first backmarkers, Grant edged Whitt for the lead by inches at the stripe with Schuerenberg in pursuit. The next time by, Whitt nosed ahead at the line on the inside as Grant and Schuerenberg occupied the middle and high lines, respectively, fanning the trifecta three wide.

The running order remaining static on lap 16 despite heavy lapped traffic, Schuerenberg nearly surged into the lead via a pick exiting turn two on the following circuit, but was relegated to third as Grant and Whitt slipped by at the Speedway’s south end. Still negotiating lappers, lap 18 was Whitt’s as Grant and Schuerenberg banged wheels on the frontstretch, losing ground on the lead in the process.

Moving clear of the thickest of the traffic by lap 20, Whitt eased out to a slight advantage as teammates Grant and Schuerenberg continued to battle for second, rubbing wheels again before Grant spun into a caution period out of turn two on lap 23, nearly collecting Schuerenberg in the process.

After a restart, Whitt was virtually unchallenged over the course of a three-lap shootout thanks in part to a flat right front tire on Schuerenberg’s machine, a result of his contact with Grant. Battling a low left rear tire of his own, ninth-place starter Coleman Gulick made a late surge and was able to nip Schuerenberg at the line for second.

“[Justin] Grant doesn’t have a lot of starts and Hunter [Schuerenberg] is always good here,” said Whitt of his antagonists from the All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines / Crume Evans Insurance victory lane. “The car was a little stuck early and a little free at the end, but it was pretty good overall. Thanks to all the fans for coming out.”

Fitzpatrick and Brady Short were fourth and fifth, respectively. Grant rebounded to finish 10th.

The victory gave Whitt a commanding lead in the sprint points chase with just two regular season races remaining on the schedule.

In the UMP thunder car 15-lapper, Travis Wolford notched his first career victory.

Wolford led the first two circuits before nearly spinning from contention in turn four on lap three, but rebounded to retake the lead from Allen Davis on the following circuit and held on for the win.

“I’ve been racing here a long time and I didn’t think [the first win] was going to happen,” said Wolford. “I got a lucky start and I held on.”

Davis, Gerald Armfield, Dave Fritz and Jason Fritz completed the top five.

Lee Hobbs was victorious in the Rent-A-Center street stock A feature.

Hobbs slipped by Glen Gamblin leaving turn two on lap five of 15 and held off the nine-time Kokomo champion despite heavy pressure over the remaining laps.

“We were a little tight early on,” Hobbs said. “This [street stock] class here at Kokomo is as tough as it is at any racetrack.”

Gamblin, David Hurst, Tony Bowman and Jim Nutter rounded out the top five.

Terry Goff won the UMRA TQ midget feature event.

He was followed by Ron Combs, Brent Turner, Oogie Goff and Zach Cougill.