August 31st, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. 29w Cole Whitt
2. 5 Jon Stanbrough
3. 66 Corey Smith
4. 10e Scotty Weir
5. 57 Casey Shuman
6. 82 Bart Grider
7. 71p Billy Puterbaugh
8. 17b Brett Burdette
9. 17r Kyle Robbins
10. 78 Adam Byrkett
11. 7c Cole Carter
12. 32 Ron Dennis
13. 4a Marc Arnold
14. 27 Ryan Kaplan
15. 71a Caled Armstrong
16. 51 Mike Hess
17. 11r Tyler Reddick
18. 12g Chris Gurley
19. 35 Sammy Imel
20. 77 Dustin Smith

Sprint Car B-Main
1. 82 Grider (TR)
2. 35 Imel (TR)
3. 17r Robbins (TR)
4. 71a Armstrong (TR)
5. 58 Jamie Fredrickson
6. 66j Josh Spencer
7. 4x Dylan Burge
8. 7p Anthony Peterman
9. 23 Jimmy Light
10. 71b Chad Branson
11. 44 Tom Davies
12. 87 Dave Gross
13. 2h Dallas Hewitt
14. 33 Todd Kimmel
15. 5h Patrick Haynes

Street Stock A-Main
1. 8 David Hurst
2. 18m Andre Missig
3. 17 Tristan Ramseyer
4. 19 Josh Gamblin
5. 99 Jerrad Krick
6. 9w Greg Pitts
7. 2 Bob Jarrett
8. 9g Glen Gamblin
9. 3 Kaleb Nutter
10. 84 Thurman Wines
11. 13 Adam Heady
12. 73 Jeff Baldauff
13. 62 David Jarvis
14. 88 Travis Stepp
15. 57 Dave Diggs
16. 1n Jimmy Nutter
17. 11H Ryan Hines
18. 48 Arnie Prater
19. 42 Rick Sanders

Thunder Car A-Main
1. 56 Tony Bowman
2. 11H Loren Sharp
3. 215 Gerald Armfield
4. 7D Allen Davis
5. 1x Ray Kendall
6. L215 Paul Whittaker
7. 44 Dave Fritz
8. 2H Tim Huffman
9. 83 Ray Molder
10. 1jr Eric Hunter
11. 5J Jim Summitt
12. 75 Marvin Uitts
13. 92 Scott Apple
14. 9 Junior Williams
15. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
16. 85 Warrell Law
17. 1a Jeremy Atkinson
18. 33 Jeff Shaw
19. 28d David Atkins
20. 00 Bryan Martin

Thunder Car B-Main
1. 28d Atkins
2. 33 Shaw
3. 9 Williams
4. 92z Zimmerman
5. 85 Law
6. 48 Fred Atkins
7. 12c Steve Clark
8. 2w James White
DNS 952 Brad Clark
DNS 26 Jason Larrison
DNS B1 James Nutter

Wily Whitt Stuns Stanbrough
Hurst, Bowman Continue Dominance

By Derek Fisher

Over the last three racing seasons, young sprint car shoe Cole Whitt and seasoned veteran Jon Stanbrough have struck up an uncommon friendship in Indiana’s sprint car pit areas. Despite their glaring age difference, the two have bonded on a level only a driver can understand while racing wheel to wheel on a weekly basis. As Stanbrough collected roughly 63 feature victories over the course of the past 36 months, the understudy Whitt was watching and waiting to break out in his own way.

Whitt captured win No. 1 at Bloomington Speedway last season and has had a banner year thus far in 2008, bagging several sprint and midget victories including his long-awaited first career Kokomo Speedway triumph on May 25. But presumably, none felt sweeter than Whitt’s stirring Sunday drive at Kokomo this week: The Alpine, Calif. native nipped his mentor at the line on the 25th and final circuit to steal Stanbrough’s A-main glory.

After starting the main event inside the fifth row, Whitt settled into the fifth position in the early going as the top five circled the oval on the high side. Dropping low to his customary bottom groove on lap 10, Whitt immediately saw the move pay dividends as he passed Ryan Kaplan for fourth on that circuit.

As polesitter Corey Smith lengthened his advantage over runner-up Scotty Weir to nearly a straightaway on lap 11, Whitt was closing the gap on third-place Stanbrough. Perhaps sensing and hearing Whitt whittling the gap on his mount, Stanbrough began applying pressure to the rear of Weir and, using a low move off the fourth turn on lap 14, took the second position.

After a caution period for Kaplan’s spin between the first and second turns brought out the event’s initial delay, Whitt used low moisture coming out of turn two to take third from Weir on the restart.

With Whitt lurking low on Stanbrough’s tail, Smith began to feel heat from Stanbrough by lap 17. Utilizing a slide job that originated low at the exit of the fourth turn, Stanbrough nearly claimed the lead at the stripe on the 18th lap. Still dogging the point man on the next circuit, Stanbrough forced a turn-two Smith bobble on lap 20 and pulled under and alongside the leader. At the same instant, Whitt shot under Stanbrough to make the lead trio three-wide heading down the backstretch. Surging under Smith and back up to the cushion in turns three and four, Stanbrough narrowly led the lap while Whitt poked a nose ahead of Smith and into second at the line.

As Smith began to fade, Stanbrough and Whitt were putting on a show at the front. With Whitt still on the low side and Stanbrough high, the leaders began working the beginning stages of lapped traffic on the 22nd tour. When Stanbrough lost a little momentum getting through the backmarkers on lap 23, Whitt executed a clean lap and pulled even with Stanbrough as the white flag flew. Before the duo could reach turn two however, another yellow flag flew for Tyler Reddick’s spin in the second corner.

Reverting back to the last completed lap, a green-white-checkered two-lap duel commenced at Brian Hodde’s green flag. With neither driver deviating from his line, Whitt’s drive out of four came up just inches short of Stanbrough at the completion of lap 24. A rocket coming out of turn two, Whitt once again entered turn three low as Stanbrough rode the ever-eroding cushion above him. Again gaining grip out of turn four, it was traction versus momentum as Whitt lunged out from the bottom and to the line while Stanbrough glided around the top, hoping to find enough time — and room — to nip Whitt at the stripe again. While Whitt did give the Avon driver room, his bottom-groove grip was too much for Stanbrough’s high-side slingshot, and Whitt was declared the winner by no more than two feet.

“I’ve got to thank the fans for coming out,” said the soft-spoken Whitt from victory circle. “Jon and I have been buddies for the last couple years and we race out here every week and have a blast. That had to be one of the best races. Where else but Kokomo Speedway?”

Smith was scored third, Weir fourth and Casey Shuman fifth at the finish.

In the street stock A-main, David Hurst came out the winner in a battle of attrition.

Hurst found his fifth Kokomo win of the season after starting inside the second row. Running third early behind Jim Nutter and Arnie Prater, Hurst was granted second when Prater pulled pitside during a lap four caution period.

Pressuring Nutter after the restart, Hurst touched the rear bumper of the leader in turn four on lap nine, but Nutter held off the charge. The next time by Nutter was also a victim of bad luck, however, when he experienced mechanical troubles and retired his machine.

With Hurst in his newly-found lead, Glen Gamblin moved into second ahead of Andre Missig. Gamblin looked to have something for Hurst as the laps ticked down, but he became the third front-runner to fall out of the race when he executed a half-spin in turn two and collected Thurman Wines in the process on lap 14.

With Gamblin and Wines out of contention, Hurst cruised to the win over Missig, Tristan Ramseyer, Josh Gamblin and Jeremy Krick.

In the thunder car A feature, the Tony Bowman show continued.

Bowman won his ninth consecutive Kokomo feature after an early tussle with polesitter Gerald Armfield. After wrestling the point from Armfield on lap four, Bowman was untouched the rest of the way.

Behind him, Armfield fell into a heated battle with Loren Sharp and Allen Davis for the second position around lap nine. Sharp finally stole second on lap twelve, but Armfield was able to fend off Davis’ efforts over the final three circuits and claimed third. Davis settled for fourth.