August 3rd, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. 11 Hunter Schuernberg
2. 66s Corey Smith
3. 10f Blake Fitzpatrick
4. 57 Casey Shuman
5. 77 Dustin Smith
6. 7p Anthony Peterman
7. 21k Alex Schutte
8. 44 Ryan Pace
9. 42 Mark Clark
10. 71 Josh Clemons
11. 78 Adam Byrkett
12. 82 Bart Grider
13. 71p Billy Puterbaugh
14. 58 Jamie Fredrickson
15. 8h Lance Hayden
16. 5h Patrick Haynes
17. 20 Steve Thomas
18. 10e Scotty Weir
19. 12g Chris Gurley
20. 11r Tyler Reddick
21. 22k Kurt Gross
22. 51 Todd Gnat
23. 39c Gary Paul

DNS 66j Josh Spencer
DNS 71k Austin Mero
DNS 5k Henry Clarke

Street Stock A-Main
1. 8 David Hurst
2. 9 Glen Gamblin
3. 48 Arnie Prater
4. 11 Ryan Hines
5. 19 Josh Gamblin
6. 56 Thurman Wines
7. 13 Adam Heady
8. 2 Bob Jarrett
9. 89b Bobby Burton
10. 9w Chris Welch
11. 62 David Jarvis
12. 1 Jimmy Nutter
13. 18m Andre Missig
14. 83 Kevin Mullin

Thunder Car A-Main
1. 56 Tony Bowman
2. 7d Allen Davis
3. 215 Gerald Armfield
4. 26 Jason Larrison
5. 11 Loren Sharp
6. 38s Michael Shidler
7. 75 Marvin Uitts
8. 0 Chris Clark
9. B1 Brandon Nutter
10. 33 Jeff Shaw
11. 5j Jim Summitt
12. 83 Ray Molder
13. 38a John Antoine
14. 48a Fred Atkins
15. 88 Jeremy Koon
16. 38m Skid Moudy
17. L215 Paul Whittaker
18. 00 Bryan Martin
19. 92 Scott Apple
DNS 72 Brandon Sampson

Thunder Car B-Main
1. 5j Summitt
2. 48a Atkins
3. 72 Sampson
4. 38a Antoine
5. 92 Apple
6. 901 Junior Williams
7. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
8. 85 Warrell Law
9. 48w Travis Wolford
DNS 28d David Atkins
DNS 12c Steve Clark
DNS 80 Dale Correll
DNS 2h Tim Huffman
DNS 2v Jeff Vogel

Legend Car A-Main
1. 28 James Edsal
2. 2 Tommy Kleine
3. 3 Byron Stone
4. 94 Jake Dunsmore
5. 5j Jeremy Johnson
6. 10 Tony Wachner
7. 3ind Darrell Lowe
8. 20 Doug Dugger
9. 00 Chris Weddle
10. 54 Cam Shaffer
11. 44 Nelson Stewart

Schuerenberg scores second straight
Hurst, Bowman and Edsal collect wins

By Derek Fisher

If he keeps doing it this way, there may not be anyone who can beat him.

Hunter Schuerenberg scored his second straight sprint car win on Sunday night at the Kokomo Speedway, and he used the same formula as last week: Pass ’em on the high side.

Schuerenberg took the point from early leader Bart Grider on a lap five restart, and despite having his sizeable lead erased twice by cautions, never looked back in the 25-lap A feature.

“[Car owner] Jeff [Walker]’s ran here for so many years, he’s got a great hold on what the car’s going to do,” Schuerenberg said after wheeling the 1998 Claxton-powered Stealth chassis to his fourth Kokomo win in 2008. “This car was built before I probably even thought about running sprint cars, but it handles so good like the rest of Jeff’s cars.”

Sunday’s sprint car program got off to a rocky start when drivers Josh Spencer and Austin Mero put bookends on the first heat race with nasty flips. Spencer bicycled and got upside down in a hard way in the first corner of the first lap, while Mero broke a rear axle in turn one after taking the checkered flag and rode out his own series of tumbles. Both drivers eventually emerged under their own power but the machines were through for the night.

After Anthony Peterman, Billy Puterbaugh and Blake Fitzpatrick captured the sprint preliminaries, Grider commenced the A main from outside the front row with Corey Smith in tow. It wasn’t long before Schuerenberg was knocking at the door though, as the eventual winner jumped from the second row inside starting spot to his favored high line almost immediately.

After disposing of Smith on lap three, Schuerenberg looked to be the new leader on lap four after pulling even with Grider coming off turn two and streaking ahead down the backstretch. Instead, Schuerenberg saw yellow lights as Ryan Pace stalled his mount in turn two.

On the restart, Schuerenberg wasted little time in finishing what he’d started by circling Grider and leading the fifth circuit. Unhindered up high, Schuerenberg began building a big lead as Smith managed to get around Grider to take the runner-up spot on lap eight. Before the next circuit could be completed, fourth-place runner Chris Gurley’s nice drive came to an end as the Hobart, Indiana driver turned over at the head of the main straight.

Unhurt but finished, Gurley retired to the pits as the green flew. As Schuerenberg once again built a big lead, Grider began to fade and resigned third to Scotty Weir on lap nine and fourth to Fitzpatrick on lap 10. By lap 13, Dustin Smith had outpaced Grider to take over the fifth position.

As Schuerenberg lengthened his edge to a straightaway and got into lapped traffic just past the midway point, last-row starter Casey Shuman was the man on the move. Ninth at the lap eight red flag, Shuman was dogging Dustin Smith for fifth by lap 18. When Weir pulled pitside out of the third position with mechanical issues on lap 20, fifth was indeed Shuman’s.

Still nipping at Smith on the next circuit, Shuman was able to get a nose under the Kokomo driver and take fourth at the stripe on lap 22. Smith battled back and regained the spot for the next two tours, and when it looked as though he may be able to hold onto the position for good, a lap 24 caution for Patrick Haynes halted the proceedings with just one circuit remaining.

On the restart, Schuerenberg was still strong despite losing his large advantage to the yellow. A lapped machine between he and Corey Smith prevented any last-lap heroics by Smith, but Smith’s brother, Dustin, did fall victim to one last Shuman lunge that garnered the second generation driver a nifty last-to-fourth effort. Fitzpatrick crossed the line third, while Dustin Smith held on for fifth.

In the thunder car A feature, much like the sprint main event, it was a repeat winning performance: Tony Bowman held off numerous charges from Allen Davis to capture his fifth overall and consecutive Kokomo win.

Starting from inside the second row, Bowman narrowly edged the polesitting Davis for the lap one lead. Davis regrouped to lead laps two through six, but Bowman got a good run at the leader on a lap seven restart and retook the point for good despite Davis’ repeated advances.

Davis had to settle for second, and his front row counterpart Gerald Armfield crossed in the third spot. Jason Larrison and Loren Sharp rounded out the top five.

In street stock action, David Hurst used a late pass of Glen Gamblin to take his third feature score of the year at Kokomo.

Gamblin led early as a dogfight erupted behind him for the second, third and fourth spots between Hurst, Arnie Prater, Ryan Hines and Jim Nutter. Nutter emerged as the runner-up after the early scrum with Hines, Hurst and Prater in tow.

After a lap eight caution period, Hurst battled around Nutter for the second position while Hines held off Prater for fourth. Hurst took a brief lead on laps 10 and 11 before Gamblin retook the point on lap 12. As Nutter slowed with car trouble on lap 13, Hurst battled under Gamblin in turn four on lap 13, took the top spot and did not look back.

Gamblin settled for second in front of Prater, Hines and Josh Gamblin.

James Edsal held off Tommy Kleine, Byron Stone, Jake Dunsmore and Jeremy Johnson in the legends car event.