August 8th, 2009

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1.29w Cole Whitt
2.10d Dave Darland
3.38 Jeff Bland
4.57 Thomas Meseraull
5.3 Kyle Cummins
6.53 Jon Stanbrough
7.10e Shane Cottle
8.27 Andrew Elson
9.58 Jamie Fredrickson
10.17 Kyle Robbins
11.K9 Ray Kenens
12.20 Steve Thomas
13.90 Patrick Budde
14.59 Craig Budde
15.1 Dave Gross
16.5 Patrick Haynes

15 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1.8 David Hurst
2.1n Jimmy Nutter
3.1t Ervin Turner
4.9 Glen Gamblin
5.08 Aaron Wolf
6.72 Jason Trimmer
7.19 Josh Gamblin
8.56 Tony Bowman
9.11 Thurman Wines
10.3n Kaleb Nutter
11.12 Jesse Dixon
12.83 Kevin Mullin

15 Lap UMP Thunder Car A Main
1.26 Jason Larrison
2.95 Jeremy Van Ness
3.48 Travis Wolford
4.215 Gerald Armfield
5.83 Ray Molder
6.17 Josh Martin
7.00 Bryan Martin
8.0 Chris Clark
9.77 Chris Roberts
10.92 Scott Apple
11.38jb John Antoine
12.87m Matt Metcalf
13.92z Chanteal Zimmerman
14.12c Steve Clark
15.85 Warrell Law
16.44 Dave Fritz
17.75 Marvin Uitts
18.11m Landon Miller
19.68 Bill Cox
20.11d Allen Davis
21.13 Daphnie Paul

10 Lap UMP Thunder Car B Main (Top 6 to the A Main)
1.92 Apple
2.87m Metcalf
3.11m Miller
4.68 Cox
5.85 Law
6.12c Clark
7.56 Jarrod Jackson
8.6 Junior Williams
9.25 TJ Smith
10.19x Steve Cooper
11.28d David Atkins
12.2w James White

20 Lap MMSA Mini Sprint A-Main
1.1 Lynn Ambrose
2.86 Andy Bradley
3.1x Scott Bradley
4.11 Alex Shipman
5.22 Blake Hayes
6.99 Kerry Kinser
7.5 Nick Antonovich
8.25x Colin Parker
9.14 Nathan Hughes
10.94 Darren Kingston
11.67 Nathan Mensendiak
12. 2b Steve Bradley
13.10j Jared DeLong
14.25p JD Parker
15.4g Gary Bradley
16.44 Seth Motsinger
17.33 Steve Noel
18.37 Lynsey Tilton
19.22 Colin Ambrose

Whitt Outruns Darland for Eighth Win
Hurst, Larrison, Ambrose also winners

By Derek Fisher

Just shy of four years into his Kokomo Speedway career, Alpine, Calif. native Cole Whitt has already inked his name in the oval’s record book.

Whitt won Saturday night’s 25-lap OmniSource sprint car feature, slipping past Dave Darland on the eighth circuit and staving off a pair of later challenges from the Lincoln veteran to take the checkers. The win gave Whitt a large lead over Shane Cottle in the sprint car points chase with only the Sept. 6 regular season finale remaining on the schedule, although Whitt will be competing elsewhere that evening.

“We’ve had a great year,” said Whitt from the All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines / Crume-Evans Insurance victory lane. “We needed this win since we’re going to miss the last race [to compete in DuQuoin, Ill.]. I really want to thank everybody for coming out and hopefully we got the championship [wrapped up] tonight.”

The real story is Whitt’s body of work thus far in 2009. His most recent triumph gave the 18-year-old shoe eight victories in the division this season, a total that surpasses the best seasonal efforts of Kokomo legends Darland, Tony Elliott and Bob Kinser. Each of those drivers tallied seven wins in their best respective years at the Davis Road facility, and now Whitt stands just one victory shy of the Speedway’s modern era record of nine, achieved by Jon Stanbrough in 2006.

The victory mark and the advantage in the point standings were nearly put in question on the event’s opening lap when polesitter Kyle Robbins spun in front of the field. Stanbrough, Cottle and Whitt were momentarily in the line of fire, but only Stanbrough was collected in the melee.

“That was close,” Whitt said of the first-lap pileup. “It was too bad that Jon [Stanbrough] got caught up in that. We just barely squeaked through.”

When the green flew, Darland and Cottle briefly did battle for the point while Whitt settled into third. Circling Cottle on lap three, Whitt’s Red Bull No. 29 pursued the rim-riding Darland low at the oval’s north end and in the high groove in the south set. The lead was Darland’s by mere inches at the line on lap seven, but the top spot was Whitt’s the next time around after surging underneath Darland exiting turn two.

Unable to pull out to any kind of comfortable lead, Whitt, Darland and Jeff Bland Jr., who’d snuck around Cottle on lap five, ran virtually nose-to-tail over the remainder of the event. Twice Darland made advances on Whitt’s lead, once on lap 15 with a dive through lapped traffic that fell just short, and again on lap 18 with a failed slide job. Whitt remained collected throughout and took the checkers ahead of Darland by several car lengths.

Bland placed third ahead of Thomas Meseraull and Kyle Cummins. Stanbrough rebounded to take sixth while Cottle fell to seventh.

David Hurst was victorious in a thrilling Rent-A-Center street stock A feature.

After contact from Glen Gamblin spun Hurst from the pole position on the opening lap, Hurst quickly moved his way back to the front as Ervin Turner, Jim Nutter and Gamblin battled for the lead. Rebounding to fourth by lap 10 Hurst made contact with Gamblin, relegating the veteran driver to the tail as Hurst claimed third.

A Tony Bowman spin on lap 13 allowed an energized Gamblin to close the gap on the field and claim the fourth position behind Turner, Nutter and Hurst, setting up a two-lap shootout to the finish in the process. Turner barely edged Nutter for the lead on the white flag lap before Hurst dove low into turn three under the leaders on the final circuit, sliding high out of turn four before diving back low and nipping Nutter and Turner at the line.

“I don’t like having to come from the back of the field,” Hurst said. “[Ervin] Turner and [Jim] Nutter were moving up high coming off the corner late in the race, and I knew I’d have to go low to make it happen. That’s what I did.”

Nutter edged Turner for second, while Gamblin settled for fourth.

In the UMP thunder car 15-lapper, Jason Larrison was a wire-to-wire winner.

Larrison was stalked early on by Dave Fritz and Jeremy Van Ness, before Fritz was forced from the event on lap eight following contact with a lapped car.

Van Ness could not mount a charge on Larrison during the last half of the event, and settled for second.

“We had some bad luck last week,” said Larrison. “It took a lot of hard work this week to get this win.”

Travis Wolford, Gerald Armfield and Ray Molder rounded out the top five.

Lynn Ambrose won the MMSA mini-sprint feature.