August 8th, 2010

25 Lap ASCS Sprints On Dirt Feature
1. 2M Dustin Daggett
2. 17 Jared Horstman
3. 23 Ben Rutan
4. 6N Dain Naida
5. 1 Kent Wolters
6. 2H Dallas Hewitt
7. 46 Robert Huisken
8. 19 Brett Mann
9. 61X Greg Dalman
10. 10X Davey Brown
11. 55 Kirk Cheney
12. 70 Jim Linger
13. 21 Matt Lumbert
14. 187 Gavin Hunyady
DNS 3W Ryan Grubaugh

15 Lap Speed Queen Racing & Design Street Stocks A Main
1.H0 Lee Hobbs
2.9 Glen Gamblin
3.00 Landon Miller
4.48 Travis Wolford
5.3n Kaleb Nutter
6.18 Kevin Kemp
7.5s Robert Schmidt
8.5h Josh Hotsinpiller
9.3w Craig Walker
10.89 Bobby Burton
11.44 David Fritz
12.03 Scott Spence

20 Lap Hoosier Racing Tire UMP Modified Feature
1.89 Mike Spatola
2.65 Todd Sherman
3.78c Clint DeMoss
4.13 Kevin DeYoung
5.31 Tom Bell
6.69 Tommy Beezley
7.24 Zeke McKenzie
8.36 Jamie Lomax
9.76 Chuck Haga
10.22 Greg Pitts
11.48 Adam Pockrus
12.00 John Hipps
13.6 Dave Baldwin
DNS 78w Charlie Walden
DNS 21 Nick Allen

15 Lap Thunder Car Feature
1.50 Jason Shrout
2.31 Chris Hunter
3.7 Allen Davis
4.215 Gerald Armfield
5.112 Dick Day
6.9 Jason Fritz
7.12 Steve Clark
8.38 John Antoine
9.622 Lana Jarvis
10.11 David Anton
11.215w Paul Whittaker
12.55 Jerry Taylor
13.28 David Atkins
14.14 Kris Workman
DNS 1 Dennis Freeland

Daggett Dominates
Hobbs, Shrout and Spatola win

By Derek Fisher

These days, it’s rare for the Kokomo Speedway to play host to a winged sprint car program. It’s also a rarity when the local oval produces a main event with nary a pass for the lead.

On Sunday night, thanks to the Engine Pro ASCS Sprints on Dirt series and Dustin Daggett, fans at the 63-year-old racing institution got to see both.

Daggett dominated the 25-lap sprint car feature after starting on the pole, leading every circuit on the way to his third SOD series win of the weekend. Daggett, the all-time SOD wins leader, was also victorious on Friday and Saturday nights at Michigan speed plants Cherry Raceway and I-96 Speedway.

“This is great,” Daggett said from the Crume-Evans Insurance / All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines victory lane. “It’s been a long weekend and I’m ready for a nap. I hope we can get back here, we usually don’t get a cushion to run on like we got [Sunday].”

Daggett, also a heat race winner on Sunday, was unchallenged throughout the event. Front-row starter Jared Horstman cut into Daggett’s near-straightaway lead on a handful of occasions, but was never able to apply any pressure on the point. Horstman settled for second and Ben Rutan, who was victorious in the Total Seal Fast Car Dash, was third. Kent Wolters rounded out the top five behind fourth-place Dain Naida, the race’s hard charger after starting ninth.

Lee Hobbs continued his domination of the Speed Queen Racing & Design street stock series with his sixth consecutive feature win on Sunday night. Hobbs, the points leader in the division, has nine wins overall at the facility in 2010.

Landon Miller did make Hobbs work for the 15-lapper, however. Miller started alongside Hobbs on the front row and led the opening two circuits before Hobbs took a slight lead on lap three. For the next 11 laps, Miller worked a low entry into turn three to perfection as Hobbs ran the cushion, and nearly stole the point from Hobbs exiting the fourth turn each time around. Only when Miller’s machine stumbled leaving turn two on lap 14 was Hobbs able to breathe easier.

“Yeah, that was fun,” Hobbs, who resides in Bedford, said post-race. “[Miller] ran me good and ran me clean, and I like to see that every week. I love the tracks up here, everyone treats me well and the racers do, too.”

Glen Gamblin stole second from a fading Miller at the stripe. Miller, Travis Wolford and Kaleb Nutter completed the top five.

In the thunder car division, Jason Shrout collected his second win of the season.

Shrout started inside the third row in the 15-lap event and settled into third on lap two behind Chris Hunter and Allen Davis. As Hunter ran the high groove, Davis tried both the top and bottom of the track to steal the lead over the race’s initial five circuits. Diving beneath Hunter in turn three on lap seven, Davis’ machine pushed exiting the corner and forced Hunter high, allowing Shrout to slip underneath and into the lead.

Hunter made one overture on the point late in the event, but was thwarted when a backmarker impeded his momentum.

“I love this track,” said Shrout. “This was a good day, with a lot of good racing. There are a lot of good drivers here.”

Hunter, Davis, Gerald Armfield and Dick Day were second through fifth, respectively.

Mike Spatola won the UMP modified A-main, leading the last 17 of 20 laps. Todd Sherman, Clint DeMoss, Kevin DeYoung and Tom Bell comprised the rest of the top five.