July 12th, 2009

30 Lap USAC Indiana Sprint Week A Main
1.30 Chad Boat
2.7 Bryan Clauson
3.53 Jon Stanbrough
4.9 Brad Sweet
5.11 Hud Cone
6.10f Blake Fitzpatrick
7.20 Levi Jones
8.37 Josh Wise
9.69 Jerry Coons, Jr.
10.67 Darren Hagen
11.67k Cole Whitt
12.21x Casey Shuman
13.57 Thomas Meseraull
14.51 Scotty Weir
15.2b Dave Darland
16.1x JJ Yeley
17.5 Bobby East
18.71 Damion Gardner
19.10h Shane Hmiel
20.2 Hunter Schurenberg
21.67x Henry Clarke
22.13 Robert Ballou
23.21 Tracy Hines

12 Lap USAC Sprint Car B Main (Top 6 transfer to the A Main)
1. 37 Wise
2. 69 Coons, Jr.
3. 10h Hmiel
4. 2b Darland
5. 71 Gardner
6. 13 Ballou
7. 12b Jeff Bland, Jr.
8. 11x Brent Beauchamp
9. 17 Nic Faas
10. 10e Shane Cottle
11. 93 Dustin Morgan
12. 7c Cole Carter
13. 11d Caleb Armstrong
14. 9t Kevin Thomas, Jr.
15. 3c Kyle Cummins
16. 39 Matt Goodnight
17. 42 Gary Rooke
18. 27k Keith Bloom, Jr,
DNS 4x John Memmer
DNS 12h Ted Hines
DNS 27 Ryan Kaplan
DNS 66 Josh Spencer
DNS 73 Mike Spencer
DNS 12r Trey Robb

8 Lap USAC Sprint Car Qualifying Heat (Top 9 transfer to the Heats)
1.9t Thomas, Jr.
2.12h Ted Hines
3.3c Cummins
4.93 Morgan
5.39 Goodnight
6.71 Gardner
7.66 Josh Spencer
8.42 Rooke
9.11d Armstrong
10.85 Jerry Bell
11.34 Shane Hollingsworth
12.57 Kevin Studley
13.17r Kyle Robbins
14. 5j Joss Moffatt
DNS 5 East

20 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1.8 David Hurst
2.9 Glen Gamblin
3.1 Ervin Turner
4.56 Tony Bowman
5.99 Nate Payton
6.11w Thurman Wines
7.3w Ben Williams
8.12 Jesse Dixon
9.36 DJ Holt
10.12s Josh Settles
11.11h Ryan Hines
12.3n Kaleb Nutter

20 Lap UMP Thunder Car A Main
1. 26 Jason Larrison
2. 215 Gerald Armfield
3. 48 Travis Wolford
4. 44 Dave Fritz
5. 37 Jason Fritz
6. 75 Marvin Uitts
7. 17 Josh Martin
8. 1 Jeremy Atkinson
9. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
10. 14 Kris Workman
11. 6 Junior Williams
12. 23 Brad Clark
13. 12c Steve Clark
14. 11b Nick Boyd
15. 77 Chris Roberts
16. 83 Ray Molder
17. 83d Frank Downs
18. 11d Allen Davis
19. 12x Josh Owens
20. 55 Jerry Taylor
21. 13 Daphnie Paul
22. 68 Bill Cox
23. 87 Eric Bridge
24. 00 Bryan Martin

Boat Sails to Sprintweek Score
Hurst, Larrison also winners

By Derek Fisher

Chad Boat is rocking.

The second generation driver captured Sunday night’s third leg of the 22nd annual USAC Indiana Sprintweek at the Kokomo Speedway, leading all 30 laps of the event in dominating fashion. The win was Boat’s third sprint car triumph in as many weeks at the local oval, and his fourth consecutive feature win at the Davis Road facility when factoring in a June 28 midget victory.

“We had a little trouble qualifying,” Boat said from the All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines / Crume Evans Insurance victory lane. “But it turned out to be a great night. This win is just what we needed.”

Boat’s qualifying run of 12.982 seconds was just sixth-quick on the evening, but the effort fortuitously placed the Arizona shoe on the front row of the 24-car A feature field. Sprinting out to an early lead over polesitter Brad Sweet, Boat built a comfortable advantage quickly and was rarely pressured by a revolving cast of second-place challengers including Sweet, Bryan Clauson, Hunter Schuerenberg, Josh Wise and Blake Fitzpatrick.

Boat’s lone scare came on lap 12 when Wise, who’d previously circled Schuerenberg and Clauson to take second, mounted a low-side charge on the leader only to have his momentum spoiled by a caution period for Scotty Weir’s stalled racer. Upon the race’s resumption, Boat moved to the low groove on both ends of the oval and checked his Billy Boat Performance Exhaust / Impact Racing Maxim machine out for good.

Behind him, the duration of the event saw a catfight for the runner-up spot. Fitzpatrick used the high side to eventually overtake a fading Wise on lap 22, only to bobble and see a reenergized Clauson streak past and into the place position on the 25th circuit. Clauson was able to hang onto second at the finish, while Fitzpatrick slipped to sixth at the checkers.

“The car was really hooked up,” Boat added. “I can’t thank my guys enough. This thing ran great and I want to thank everybody for coming out tonight.”

Jon Stanbrough, Sweet and Hud Cone were third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

The win was Boat’s second career USAC sprint car victory and leaves him 15 points behind Clauson in the Sprintweek standings. The nine-day tour resumes tomorrow at the Terre Haute Action Track.

In Rent-A-Center street stock action, David Hurst was a wire-to-wire victor.

Hurst, who started on the pole of the event, battled early on with front-row mate Ryan Hines before pulling out to a large advantage by the race’s midway point. When Hines retired from the chase after a lap 14 spin, nine-time track champion Glen Gamblin slipped into the runner-up position but could apply no pressure to Hurst over the remaining six circuits.

“We came up short the last couple of weeks, so this one feels good,” said Hurst.

Gamblin, Ervin Turner, Tony Bowman and Nate Payton rounded out the top five. The win was Hurst’s fifth win of the year in the division.

Like Boat and Hurst, Jason Larrison led every circuit on his way to victory in the UMP thunder car 20-lapper.

Larrison was shadowed throughout the event by Gerald Armfield, but navigated heavy lapped traffic well enough to keep Armfield at bay.

“I’ve got to thank my brother and my dad,” Larrison said. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. We’re looking forward to next week.”

Armfield, Travis Wolford, Dave Fritz and Jason Fritz completed the top five.