July 19th, 2009

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1.29w Cole Whitt
2.30 Chad Boat
3.10e Shane Cottle
4.53 Jon Stanbrough
5.7c Cole Carter
6.21x Casey Shuman
7.66j Josh Spencer
8.57 Thomas Meseraull
9.68 Jonathan Hendrick
10.27b Keith Bloom, Jr.
11.76 JJ Hughes
12.27a Andrew Elson
13.16d Randy Donelson
14.58 Jamie Fredrickson
15.54 Cam Schafer
16.11c Bryan Clauson
17.14 Coleman Gulick
18.9t Kevin Thomas, Jr.
19.16 Billy Puterbaugh
20.39 Brad Bowden
21.11g Justin Grant
DNS 9h Russ Harper

15 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1.1t Ervin Turner
2.9 Glen Gamblin
3.11h Ryan Hines
4.3n Kaleb Nutter
5.c8 Marlin Burns
6.3w Ben Williams
7.71 Dennis Freeland
8.35 Brandon Nutter
9.8 David Hurst
10.11w Thurman Wines
11.56 Tony Bowman
DNS 12 Jesse Dixon
DNS 83 Kevin Mullin

25 Lap UMP Thunder Car Showdown A Main
1.95 Jeremy Van Ness
2.11d Allen Davis
3.12x Josh Owens
4.26 Jason Larrison
5.44 Dave Fritz
6.75 Marvin Uitts
7.48 Travis Wolford
8.17 Josh Martin
9.215 Gerald Armfield
10.38 Michael Shidler
11.0 Chris Clark
12.38jb John Antoine
13.92z Chanteal Zimmerman
14.87 Kyle Zimmerman
15.21s Bryar Schroeter
16.14 Kris Workman
17.12c Steve Clark
18.13 Daphnie Paul
19.55 John McMahan
20.11L John Luttrell

10 Lap UMP Thunder Car B Main (Top 5 transfer to the A Main)
1.55 McMahan
2.38jb Antoine
3.13 Paul
4.87 Zimmerman
5.14 Workman
6.68 Bill Cox
7.6 Junior Williams
8.25 TJ Smith
9.77 Chris Roberts
DNS 92 Scott Apple
DNS 37 Jason Fritz

Whitt Capsizes Boat
Van Ness, Turner also victorious

By Derek Fisher

It took a lot of effort and a little bad luck to finally beat Chad Boat.

Boat, the lone open wheel winner at the Kokomo Speedway over the past three weeks, led the first 23 circuits of Sunday night’s OmniSource sprint car 25-lap main event before running short on fuel and seeing a tenacious Cole Whitt slip by to steal the victory. The win was Whitt’s fifth of the year in the division and the California driver’s ninth sprint car triumph overall in 2009. Whitt also overtook Billy Puterbaugh in the season point standings with the victory.

Early on, Boat looked to be a lock to take his fifth consecutive feature event at the local oval.

Starting alongside polesitter Thomas Meseraull, the Arizona driver jumped to the high groove on the start and took a commanding lead over Meseraull, fourth-starting Whitt and Kevin Thomas Jr. in the race’s early stages.

Whitt, struggling with the handling on his Red Bull Racing machine, flirted with falling out of the top three several times at the race’s outset.

“We were a little tight at the beginning and I was worried about it,” Whitt said afterwards. “My errors almost put us out of the race early.”

Up front, the lead duo of Boat and Meseraull checked out on the field before a lap six pileup eliminated Thomas Jr. and Puterbaugh, creating a lengthy caution period and bunching the field in the process.

On the restart, Whitt took quick advantage of Meseraull’s turn-two bobble and stole second as Boat again stretched out to a sizeable lead. Boat’s edge was once more erased when Meseraull slid to a stop on the ninth circuit, relegating the Paul Hazen-owned No. 57 to the tail of the field after another yellow-flag period that required excessive laps around the oval.

Steadily stalking the leader’s Billy Boat Performance Exhaust sprinter over the coming laps, it wasn’t until Boat encountered lapped traffic on lap 18 that Whitt began to make overtures on the point. Finding plentiful moisture in the middle of turns three and four and low in the first and second corners, Whitt nosed under Boat several times in the waning laps before making a turn-two pass stick under Boat’s fuel-starved machine on the 24th circuit.

“[Crew chief Chuck] Gurney Jr. was on it tonight,” Whitt said from the All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines / Crume-Evans Insurance victory lane. “I thought the track might be too racy but it had two grooves. Things are going good for us right now and hopefully we can keep it rolling.”

Boat settled for second and was followed by Shane Cottle, Jon Stanbrough and Cole Carter. Meseraull rebounded to claim eighth.

In the first annual Thunder Car Showdown, Jeremy Van Ness was a wire-to-wire winner over Allen Davis.

Van Ness started outside the front row of the 25-lapper and immediately jumped into the lead over polesitter Jason Larrison as Davis fell into the third position. With Van Ness stretching his lead to over a straightaway at times, Davis worked steadily on Larrison before finally overtaking the points leader on lap 16. Larrison would eventually drop one spot further down the order on the 20th circuit when Josh Owens claimed third.

“I love the lapped traffic,” Van Ness said of the backmarker-heavy race. “I told my crew I was going to try to get the win tonight, but I wasn’t sure what would happen. We got it done.”

Van Ness and Davis were followed by Owens, Larrison and Dave Fritz.

Ervin Turner was victorious in a thrilling Rent-A-Center street stock A feature.

Turner leapt into the lead over front-row mate Glen Gamblin at the outset of the 15-lapper after an opening-circuit crash eliminated contenders David Hurst and Thurman Wines.

Running away from the rest of the field, Turner and Gamblin ran in close quarters in the high line for the first half of the event. Moving to the middle of the oval with around five laps remaining, Gamblin pulled even closer to Turner as the duo encountered lapped traffic.

With just one lap remaining, Gamblin chose the high line entering turn three and nearly saw it pay off. Exiting turn four with the checkers in sight, Gamblin slid between Turner on the inside and a backmarker on the outside, banging wheels with the lapper and falling short by mere inches at the line.

“That was a heck of a battle,” said Turner. “Glen [Gamblin]’s a good driver and I saw him quite a few times. I was afraid he was going to get around me.”

Ryan Hines, Kaleb Nutter and Ben Williams rounded out the top five.