July 26th, 2009

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1.29w Cole Whitt
2.17 Nic Faas
3.57 Thomas Meseraull
4.10e Shane Cottle
5.14 Coleman Gulick
6.16 Billy Puterbaugh
7.10f Blake Fitzpatrick
8.27a Andrew Elson
9.3c Kyle Cummins
10.81 Robert Ballou
11.7 Jon Stanbrough
12.66j Josh Spencer
13.11c Hud Cone
14.11g Justin Grant
15.3m Mark Perry III
16.58 Jamie Fredrickson
17.12g Chris Gurley
18.37 Casey Riggs
19.41 Steve Ott
20.39 Matt Goodnight

10 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car B Main (Top 5 transfer to the A Main)
1.66j Spencer
2.58 Fredrickson
3.27a Elson
4.37 Riggs
5.41 Ott
6.54 Cam Schafer
7.2 Dallas Hewitt
8.w3 Randy Donelson
9.4 Mike Fischesser
10.42au Gary Rooke
11.5h Patrick Haynes
DNS 24 Landon Simon

15 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1.9 Glen Gamblin
2.11h Lee Hobbs
3.1t Ervin Turner
4.12 Jesse Dixon
5.56 Tony Bowman
6.3n Kaleb Nutter
7.35 Brandon Nutter
8.17 Ryan Ramseyer
9.72 Jason Trimmer
DNS 11w Thurman Wines
DNS 1n Jimmy Nutter
DNS 83 Kevin Mullin
DNS 88 Chris Hunter

15 Lap UMP Thunder Car A Main
1.44 Dave Fritz
2.95 Jeremy Van Ness
3.26 Jason Larrison
4.75 Marvin Uitts
5.83 Ray Molder
6.13 Daphnie Paul
7.0 Chris Clark
8.92z Chanteal Zimmerman
9.38jb John Antoine
10.14 Kris Workman
11.215 Gerald Armfield
12.77 Chris Roberts
13.83t David Tanner
14.55m John McMahan
15.12c Steve Clark
16.11L John Luttrell
17.48a Fred Atkins
18.28d David Atkins
19.17 Josh Martin
20.11d Allen Davis
DNS 48w Travis Wolford

10 Lap UMP Thunder Car B Main (Top 6 to the A Main)
1.17 Martin
2.92z Zimmerman
3.48a Atkins
4.38jb Antoine
5.77 Roberts
6.11L Luttrell
7.87 Matt Metcalf
8.25 TJ Smith
9.56 Jarrod Jackson
DNS 6 Junior Williams

20 Lap UMP Modified A Main
1.1g Devin Gilpin
2.90 Bradley Sterrett
3.88 Scott Orr
4.65 Todd Sherman
5.H0 Lee Hobbs
6.45 Brian Post
7.37 JD Francis
8.24 Zeke McKenzie
9.225 Jesse Bitterling
10.96 David Short
11.28m Frank Marshall
12.23 Ryan Cripe
13.33 Kyle Yocum
14.20x Steve Hughes
15.141 Mike Sullivan
16.49 Darek Snyder
17.52 Jeff Babcock
18.51 Jason Fritz
19.19 Micheal Kettnich
20.17m Kevin McCarty

10 Lap UMP Modified B Main (Top 5 transfer to the A Main)
1.23 Cripe
2.28m Marshall
3.96 Short
4.141 Sullivan
5.49 Snyder
6.1f Mark Fowler
7.10 Brent Davis
8.25 Kenny Sollars
9.22 Greg Pitts
10.63 Josh James
11.31 Tom Bell
12.48x Kurt Allison
DNS 36x Bill Lewis

Faas Falls to Whitt
Fritz, Gamblin, Gilpin winners

By Derek Fisher

It was an instant classic, but for an instant nobody knew who’d won it.

Cole Whitt, a five-time Kokomo Speedway winner in 2009, sliced through lapped traffic, made an improbable late surge on the lead and stole his sixth sprint car triumph of the year in a photo finish over Nic Faas at the conclusion of Sunday night’s OmniSource 25-lapper.

“Kokomo Speedway is always like this,” Whitt said of the racy oval from the All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines / Crume-Evans Insurance victory lane following his stirring victory. “That was a great finish and I really didn’t know who won it.”

Neither did the packed house on hand, especially considering that Whitt came from virtually nowhere to challenge for the win.

Polesitter Thomas Meseraull led Faas, Shane Cottle and Whitt at the race’s outset, and looked strong before a lap eight caution period stalled the California driver’s rhythm. On the restart Faas dove low into the first turn and slipped clear of Meseraull, returning to the top shelf with the lead and checking out on the field over the next 12 laps.

As is his custom, Whitt was on the move in the low groove. The 2008 USAC National Midget champion circled Cottle for third on lap seven, and did away with Meseraull for second after a torrid battle on the 20th circuit.

With Faas still far out front but managing a cloud of backmarkers, Whitt carved a path through his own gaggle of traffic with Meseraull, Cottle and Coleman Gulick in tow. When lapper Chris Gurley’s turn four bobble on lap 22 bottled up all but Whitt, the Red Bull Racing / Moen Faucet No. 29 was free and clear to hunt Faas.

And hunt it did, chopping Faas’ lead in half on the 23rd and 24th circuits. With the white flag in the air, Whitt nearly nosed underneath the leader in turns one and two, and used a gutsy plunge deep into the middle of the third corner to gather momentum and streak under a stunned Faas at the stripe.

“Nic’s one of my buddies,” Whitt explained. “If we couldn’t have won it I would have liked him to. I hope the fans aren’t getting too tired of us winning.”

With the win, Whitt extended his points lead in the division as just three regular season races remain on the schedule. A conflict looms for this Sunday’s event however, as Whitt is scheduled to be in Kansas for the Bellevile Midget Nationals.

“Hopefully Belleville gets rained out so we can come back here and race,” said Whitt.

Meseraull, Gulick and Cottle rounded out the top five.

In the UMP thunder car 15-lapper, Dave Fritz was the victor.

Fritz, the polesitter, ran third for much of the event as Jason Larrison led Jeremy Van Ness for the point. Vying for the lead on lap 12, Fritz and Van Ness sandwiched Larrison down the backstretch, going three wide into the third turn as Larrison executed a half-spin and fell to fourth, handing the lead to Fritz and second to Van Ness.

Gerald Armfield, riding fifth for the bulk of the race, circled Van Ness and nearly supplanted Fritz for the lead on lap 13, only to fall back to third on the following circuit before spinning out of contention on the 14th lap.

Fritz was able to hold off Van Ness, Larrison, Marvin Uitts and Ray Molder at the line.

“This was an awesome run, and a lot of fun,” said Fritz. “I got a little nervous there, but I gave it all I had.”

Devin Gilpin picked up his second UMP modified victory of 2009 on Sunday night, leading all 20 circuits in the process.

Gilpin jumped from inside the third row on the grid to lead the opeing circuit and was never challenged in the event.

“I turned the wick up in the feature,” said Gilpin. “After that, we never looked back.”

Bradley Sterrett, Scott Orr, Todd Sherman and Lee Hobbs completed the top five.

Glen Gamblin was victorious in the Rent-A-Center street stock A feature.

Gamblin overcame a late-race charge from Hobbs to snare the win, his third of 2009 in the division.

Hobbs, Ervin Turner, Jesse Dixon and Tony Bowman followed Gamblin to the line.