July 27th, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. 11s Hunter Schuerenberg
2. 29w Cole Whitt
3. 10t Thomas Meseraull
4. 10e Scotty Weir
5. 9k Kevin Thomas, Jr.
6. 38 Levi Jones
7. 35 Sammy Imel
8. 10f Blake Fitzpatrick
9. 22k Kurt Gross
10. 66j Josh Spencer
11. 7 Cole Carter
12. 41k Henry Clarke
13. 8h Lance Hayden
14. 42 Gary Rooke
15. 66s Corey Smith
16. 5j Joss Moffitt
17. 78 Adam Byrkett
18. 5s Jon Stanbrough
19. 2b Dave Darland
20. 1 Robert Ballou

Sprint Car B-Main #1
1. 5j Moffitt
2. 10f Fitzpatrick
3. 57 Casey Shuman
4. 82 Bart Grider
5. 5h Patrick Haynes
6. 14 Coleman Gulick
7. 58 Jamie Fredrickson
8. 11r Tyler Reddick
9. 39c Gary Paul
DNS 37 Blair Julian

Sprint Car B-Main #2
1. 66s Smith
2. 22k Gross
3. 5k Alex Schutte
4. 71k Austin Mero
5. 3 Mark Perry III
6. 68 John Dick
7. 51 Todd Gnat
8. 38d Craig Dori
9. 44d Tom Davies

Street Stock A-Main
1. 35 James Headley
2. 8 David Hurst
3. 11h Lee Hobbs
4. 9 Glen Gamblin
5. 48 Arnie Prater
6. 14 Bill Lewis
7. 18m Andre Missig
8. 11m Dan Meyers
9. 19 Josh Gamblin
10. 56 Thurman Wines
11. 89b Bobby Burton
12. 13 Adam Heady
13. 62 David Jarvis
14. 2 Bob Jarrett
15. 57 Dave Diggs

Thunder Car A-Main
1. 56 Tony Bowman
2. 7d Allen Davis
3. 215 Gerald Armfield
4. L215 Paul Whittaker
5. B1 Brandon Nutter
6. 75 Marvin Uitts
7. 5j Jim Summitt
8. 28d David Atkins
9. 2h Tim Huffman
10. 92 Scott Apple
11. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
12. 2w James White
13. 0c Chris Clark
14. 85 Warrell Law
15. 83 Ray Molder
16. 72 Brandon Sampson
17. 901 Junior Willams
18. 26 Jason Larrison
19. 44 Dave Fritz
DNS 38a John Antoine

Thunder Car B-Main
1. 0c Clark
2. 75 Uitts
3. 72 Sampson
4. 38a Antoine
5. 92 Apple
6. 48 Fred Atkins
7. 38 Skid Moudy
8. 2v Jeff Vogel
DNS 80 Joe Brown
DNS 19 Rick Paul

Mini Sprint A-Main
1. 9 Ryan Langston
2. 94 Andrew Peters
3. 2 Todd Kirkman
4. 21s Larry Sroufe
5. 83 Wes McIntire
6. 7 Trent Wilson
7. 27 Andrew Elson
8. 20 Herb Johnson
9. 21s Robbie Starkey
10. 51 Ben Gaerte
11. 12 Drew Salisbury
12. 76 JJ Hughes
13. 52 Stan Wiggam
DNS 3j Gary Gibson

Schuerenberg stuns Kokomo field
Headley, Bowman and Langston record wins

By Derek Fisher

In recent months, sprint car shoe Hunter Schuerenberg has been given a nickname by some of his sport’s talking heads. “Hundred Percent” Schuerenberg they call him, and anyone who’s seen him behind the wheel can ascertain that moniker is less about making a play on the sound of his first name than about his penchant for giving 100% — or more — on every lap.

On Sunday night at the Kokomo Speedway, Schuerenberg did something that made the “Hundred Percent” label seem, well, more than a little inadequate. He managed to win his third sprint car feature of the year at the local oval, but the fashion in which he did it was remarkable and, presumably, historic.

After a strong field of 36 sprinters was whittled down to the fastest 20, front-row starters Kevin Thomas Jr. and Jon Stanbrough led the A main contingent into the first turn. Unfortunately, it took only until the second corner before Stanbrough and Thomas Jr. got a little too close for comfort. Contact between the two sent Stanbrough into a spin, creating a bottleneck that collected, including Stanbrough, five of the evening’s potential winners: Scotty Weir, Dave Darland, Robert Ballou and Schuerenberg.

Stanbrough, Darland and Ballou were finished for the night as a result of the melee, while Weir and Schuerenberg were forced to restart at the rear of the field when the racing action resumed. That action was short-lived though, as the pace was again slowed when Gary Rooke and Adam Byrkett tangled off of turn four with just one lap in the books. Byrkett was unable to restart the event and Rooke tagged the tail directly behind Weir and Schuerenberg, who sat 13th and 14th, respectively.

It was from that 14th position that Schuerenberg began his drive for the ages. As Thomas Meseraull led the early pace up front with Cole Whitt and Thomas Jr. in tow, Schuerenberg was equal parts Dick Gaines, Jon Stanbrough and Kurt Hawkins as he rode an extremely high and fast line to move to eighth by lap four, fifth by lap six, fourth by lap seven and third by lap eight.

But the Sikeston, Missouri driver wasn’t remotely done yet. Literally on the heels of Whitt and Meseraull, who’d traded the lead on lap eight, Schuerenberg narrowly avoided the lapped car of Rooke as the top trio flashed under the flagstand to begin lap 12. With Whitt in his customary low line, Schuerenberg did away with the cushion-riding Meseraull on lap 14 by simply going higher and driving around him. Blasting around Whitt up top going into turn three on lap 16, Schuerenberg led that circuit, only to see Whitt dive low in turn one on the 17th lap and hold onto the lead amongst lapped cars the next time around. Coming to the completion of the 18th circuit, Schuerenberg dove low out of the fourth turn, and using a lapped car as a pick, took the lead from Whitt for good.

As if the first 18 laps of Schuerenberg’s drive hadn’t been legendary enough, he cemented his place in Kokomo Speedway lore by going just as hard for the final seven. Seemingly driving into each corner deeper than the last and running just inches from the wall, Schuerenberg had put a full straightaway between himself and second-place Whitt by lap 21. Driving away even more in the final four tours, he may well have lapped the field had the race been 30 laps instead of the usual 25.

“I think we bent a right-rear radius rod in that [first lap] crash,” said Schuerenberg after his astonishing performance. “But [team owner] Jeff Walker had this car on rails tonight. We’d planned on setting it up pretty free, and the higher I got on the race track the smoother it got. It was like a new track after they came out and reworked it [before the A main], and it was just awesome.”

Whitt, Meseraull, Cole Carter and a resilient Weir rounded out the top five.

In the street stock A feature, James Headley was a wire-to-wire winner.

Headley withstood an early charge from multiple-time 2008 winner David Hurst to snare the win, which was his second Kokomo capture of the season. Following Headley to the line were Hurst, Ryan Hines, Glen Gamblin, Arnie Prater and Andre Missig.

The thunder car main event also saw a green-to-checkers leader in Tony Bowman.

Like Headley, Bowman had to endure an early challenge to maintain his lead, this one coming from Allen Davis. After the third lap, Bowman eased the pressure by pulling away slightly. Davis, Gerald Armfield, Armfield teammate Paul Whittaker and Brandon Nutter completed the top five. The win was Bowman’s fourth consecutive Kokomo triumph.

In the micro sprint A feature, Ryan Langston was victorious.