July 5th, 2009

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1.30 Chad Boat
2.29w Cole Whitt
3.2b Dave Darland
4.16 Billy Puterbaugh
5.17f Nic Faas
6.57 Thomas Meseraull
7.21x Casey Shuman
8.66j Josh Spencer
9.1x Kurt Gross
10.53 Jon Stanbrough
11.12b Jeff Bland
12.51 Scotty Weir
13.7p Anthony Peterman
14.10h Shane Hmiel
15.27a Andrew Elson
16.12g Chris Gurley
17.24 Landon Simon
18.14 Coleman Gulick
19.10f Blake Fitzpatrick
20.10e Shane Cottle

10 Lap B Main #1 (Top 2 Transfer to the A Main)
1.2b Darland
2.27a Elson
3.38 Seth Parker
4.9 Kevin Thomas, Jr.
5.58 Jamie Fredrickson
6.4 Jimmy Wingo
DNS 11a Caleb Armstrong
DNS 5h Patrick Haynes

10 Lap B Main #2 (Top 2 Transfer to the A Main)
1.17f Faas
2.1x Gross
3.76 JJ Hughes
4.35 Chris Babcock
5.39c Gary Paul
6.41 Critter Malone
7.5 Dene McAllan
DNS 27b Keith Bloom, Jr.

15 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1.1t Ervin Turner
2.8 David Hurst
3.9 Glen Gamblin
4.11h Ryan Hines
5.12 Jesse Dixon
6.3n Kaleb Nutter
7.72 Jason Trimmer
8.56 Tony Bowman
9.36 DJ Holt
10.12s Josh Settles
11.1n Brandon Nutter
12.71 Dennis Freeland
13.11w Thurman Wines
14.89b Bobby Burton
DNS 14 Kevin Mullin

15 Lap UMP Thunder Car A Main
1.95 Jeremy Van Ness
2.26 Jason Larrison
3.11d Allen Davis
4.48w Travis Wolford
5.30 John Rhoades
6.44 Dave Fritz
7.55t Jerry Taylor
8.83 Ray Molder
9.23c Brad Clark
10.75 Marvin Uitts
11.13 Daphnie Paul
12.68 Bill Cox
13.2h Tim Huffman
14.14 Kris Workman
15.0 Chris Clark
16.12c Steve Clark
17.48c Rex Cooper
18.38 Michael Shidler
19.17 Josh Martin
20.215 Gerald Armfield

10 Lap UMP Thunder Car B Main (Top 5 to the A Main)
1.17 Martin
2.13 Paul
3.2h Huffman
4.14 Workman
5.12c Clark
6.38jb John Antoine
7.92z Chanteal Zimmerman
8.92a Scott Apple
9.3b Troy Black
10.6 Junior Williams
11.1 Jeremy Atkinson
12.11b Nick Boyd
DNS 37 Jason Fritz
DNS 77 Chris Roberts
DNS 25 TJ Smith

Boat Back in Business
Driver wins third in a row; Turner, Van Ness also claim victories

By Derek Fisher

On the cusp of the biggest event of the year at the Kokomo Speedway, Chad Boat is making a very strong statement.

The Arizona driver won Sunday’s 25-lap OmniSource sprint car event at the local oval, giving him three wins in his last three feature events at the facility. Boat’s most recent triumph comes just one week prior to the track’s yearly USAC Sprintweek date, an evening when the sport’s best and brightest come calling.

Boat was clearly the best and brightest on Sunday night.

The 17-year-old shoe started outside the second row in the event and immediately settled into the third position behind Blake Fitzpatrick and point man Nic Faas. Slipping into second when Fitzpatrick pulled pitside on the fourth circuit, Boat needed only a turn-four bobble by Faas on lap six to steal the lead.

Quickly driving clear of Faas, Boat stretched out his lead to more than a straightaway at times over the remainder of the event before fighting off a late-race charge by runner-up Cole Whitt to secure the victory.

“I can’t thank my guys enough,” Boat said from the All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines / Crume-Evans Insurance victory lane. “The car was awesome tonight. I had to get my elbows up on those last three laps, and that’s what I did.”

Whitt’s drive was the only element of drama at the front of the field in the waning laps, thanks to Boat’s dominance. The Alpine, Calif. native started 14th on the grid and was scored ninth on lap four, sixth on lap 11, fifth on lap 12, fourth on lap 15, third on lap 16, and finally second on lap 20.

A restart with three laps remaining brought Whitt to the leader’s rear bumper, but he had nothing for Boat.

“We’re putting together a new car right now,” said Boat of his Room Store / Billy Boat Performance Exhaust team’s preparation for Sprintweek. “But we may end up pulling this one out and leaving the new one in the shop.”

Trailing Boat and Whitt to the line were Dave Darland, Billy Puterbaugh and Faas.

In the 15-lap Rent-A-Center street stock feature, Ervin Turner picked up his third win of the year in the division.

Turner started from the pole in the event and led the first 10 circuits before being overtaken on the high side by David Hurst. Regaining his momentum, Turner powered low out of the fourth turn on lap 14 to retake the top spot. Turner then held Hurst off during a one-lap shootout to take the win.

“David [Hurst]’s always fast,” Turner said afterwards. “He’s a good driver. It’s good to see everybody here tonight.”

Hurst settled for second and was followed by Thurman Wines, Jesse Dixon and Kaleb Nutter.

Jeremy Van Ness was the victor of the 15-lap UMP thunder car main event.

Van Ness, whose victory was his first of the year after having a June 7 win disallowed, started inside the second row and settled into second behind Jason Larrison on lap four.

Van Ness pressured Larrison in lapped traffic throughout the race until finally getting underneath the leader leaving the fourth turn on lap 13.

“I like racing with Jason [Larrison],” Van Ness said from victory lane. “He always races me clean so I always race him clean.”

Larrison, Allen Davis, Rex Cooper and John Rhodes rounded out the top five.