July 6th, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. 71 Damion Gardner
2. 10e Scotty Weir
3. 29w Cole Whitt
4. 2b Dave Darland
5. 11s Hunter Schuerenberg
6. 53 Jon Stanbrough
7. 17 Chris Windom
8. 82 Bart Grider
9. 57 Casey Shuman
10. 22b Kenny Biro
11. 66j Josh Spencer
12. 78 Adam Byrkett
13. 39g Matt Goodnight
14. 32 Ron Dennis
15. 22k Kurt Gross
16. 9k Kevin Thomas, Jr.
17. 38 Craig Dori
18. 8h Lance Hayden
19. 58 Jamie Fredrickson
20. 5h Patrick Haynes

Sprint Car B-Main
1. 9k Thomas Jr.(TR)
2. 58 Fredrickson(TR)
3. 5h Haynes(TR)
4. 38 Dori(TR)
5. 8h Hayden(TR)
6. 59p Darr Lawson
7. 11r Tyler Reddick
8. 96b Larry Bontrager
9. 59 James Bradshaw
10. 20 Steve Thomas
11. 39c Gary Paul
DNS 1c Kent Christian
DNS 12f Nick Fisher

Street Stock A-Main
1. 8 David Hurst
2. H0 Lee Hobbs
3. 48 Arnie Prater
4. 9 Glen Gamblin
5. 11h Ryan Hines
6. 25 Josh Emerson
7. 13 Adam Heady
8. 88 Travis Stepp
9. 18m Andre Missig
10. 17 Tristan Ramseyer
11. 19 Josh Gamblin
12. 9w Chris Welch
13. 56 Thurman Wines
14. 5 Brent Osburn
15. 2 Larry Grider
DNS 68 Doug Johnson
DNS 89b Bobby Burton

Thunder Car A-Main
1. 56 Tony Bowman
2. 215 Gerald Armfield
3. 7d Allen Davis
4. 2h Tim Huffman
5. 75 Marvis Uitts
6. 83 Ray Molder
7. 00m Bryan Martin
8. 0 Chris Clark
9. 5j Jim Summitt
10. 515 Joe Schwegan
11. 12c Steve Clark
12. 72 Brandon Sampson
13. 11 Loren Sharp
14. 77 Rick Ice
15. 88 Jeremy Koon
16. 00 Mike Cain
17. 1b Brandon Nutter
18. 1jr Jimmy Nutter
19. 33 Jeff Shaw
20. 92 Scott Apple

Thunder Car B-Main
1. 1jr Nutter(TR)
2. B1 Nutter(TR)
3. 12c Clark(TR)
4. 515 Schwegan(TR)
5. 5j Summit(TR)
6. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
7. 38a John Antoine
8. 85 Warrell Law
9. 19 Rick Paul
10. 73 Robert White
11. 80 Joe Brown
DNS L215 Paul Whittaker
DNS 48 David Atkins
DNS 26 JAson Larrison
DNS 57 David Tanner
DNS 67 Rich Parker

Gardner provides feature fireworks
Bowman, Hurst find the winner’s circle again

By Derek Fisher

California transplant Damion Gardner captured the 25-lap sprint car A feature at the Kokomo Speedway on Sunday night, serving notice that he will be a force to be reckoned with at next week’s Indiana Sprintweek stop.

Gardner started outside the second row in the main event and threaded the needle with a daring pass of Scotty Weir at the flagstand on lap 18 to take command. The win was Gardner’s second career Kokomo triumph, with his first coming in August 2006.

“I was running the top early and it wasn’t paying off,” Gardner said from victory lane. “But we had the car set up to run the top and I like to run up there, and it just came together late in the race. I’ve really got to thank my crew for this race car.”

Lincoln, Indiana legend Dave Darland was the early pacesetter in the feature event, which was interrupted by just a single caution period; a stark contrast to the previous Sunday’s stop-and-go affair. Darland jumped from outside the front row to lead the first eight circuits with persistent polesitter Scotty Weir in tow.

Using a low manuever off the fourth turn on lap nine, Weir took the point from Darland and began to pull away ever so slightly. Behind him, the four-time Kokomo champion was left to participate in a heated battle with Gardner, two-time 2008 winner Hunter Schuerenberg and May 27 victor Cole Whitt for the remainder of the top five.

Gardner had first wrestled third away from Schuerenberg on lap nine, only to lose the spot on lap 10 but then regain it the next time around. Four laps later Gardner used the late-arriving high side momentum he spoke of to finally circle Darland, who would soon see his third position turn into fourth as Schuerenberg swallowed him up.

As Weir watched the laps tick down from the middle of the racing surface, Gardner was fast approaching up top. Using a great run off the second corner on lap 16 as momentum, Gardner pulled even on the high side of Weir exiting turn four on lap 18, and the two banged wheels at the flagstand as Gardner led the lap by a matter of inches.

With five laps remaining, Gardner was checking out on Weir as Whitt had moved around Darland and into fourth behind Schuerenberg. Using his customary low line, Whitt went under Schuerenberg and into third on lap 22 and began dogging at the heels of Weir for second. On the last circuit, Whitt couldn’t make a final pass on Weir stick, and settled for third. A resurgent Darland did find a way around Schuerenberg in the final two corners, relegating the Missouri youngster to fifth.

Jon Stanbrough, Chris Windom, Bart Grider, Casey Shuman and Kenny Biro rounded out the top 10.

In Kokomo street stock action David Hurst was again the winner, leading from green to checkered in the 15-lap event.

Dogged heavily for the first 10 laps of the race by Lee Hobbs, Hurst never bobbled and was given some breathing room when Hobbs blinked first, making a mistake on the cushion in turn two on lap 11 and falling numerous car lengths behind.

Ryan Hines started fourth in the event and looked to be a contender early, running a solid third until a spin sent him to the tail on lap seven. That miscue opened the door for Arnie Prater and Glen Gamblin to snare third and fourth, respectively. Those were positions they would not relinquish, as they followed Hurst and Hobbs to the stripe to complete the feature event. Hines rebounded to claim fifth.

Tony Bowman was the winner of the thunder car feature race, making it win number two on his 2008 Kokomo campaign.

Like Hurst, Bowman was a wire-to-wire winner in the main event. Starting outside the front row and beating Loren Sharp to turn one, Bowman never trailed in the one-caution affair. Behind him, however, was a dogfight.

While Gerald Armfield rode somewhat comfortably in front of Sharp in the runner-up position, Tim Huffman and Allen Davis went at it hot and heavy for fourth. Huffman laid claim to the spot on lap two before Davis took the position by the slimmest of margins on lap three, and held it for the next three laps while Huffman and Brandon Sampson nipped at his heels.

Sharp retired with mechanical troubles on lap seven, giving third to Davis and fourth to Huffman. A late miscue by Sampson dropped him from contention, and Armfield, Davis, Huffman and Marvin Uitts completed the top five finishers.