June 1st, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. #53 Jon Stanbrough
2. #29w Cole Whitt
3. #38 Levi Jones
4. #2 Tracy Hines
5. #11 Hunter Schuerenberg
6. #82 Bart Grider
7. #10e Scotty Weir
8. #57 Casey Shuman
9. #4m John Memmer
10. #97 Bret Mellenberndt
11. #32 Ron Dennis
12. #78 Adam Byrkett
13. #42 Mark Clark
14. #10f Blake Fitzpatrick
15. #0tt Steve Ott
16. #5h Patrick Haynes
17. #8p Andrew Prather
18. #12g Chris Gurley
19. #22 Kenny Biro
20. #39g Matt Goodnight

Sprint Car B-Main
1. #53 Stanbrough (TR)
2. #22 Biro (TR)
3. #42 Clark (TR)
4 #8 Prather (TR)
5. #39g Goodnight(TR)
6. #34 Stephanie Tuttle
7. #51 Todd Gnat
8. #44d Tom Davies
9. #167 Shain Matthews
DNS #7p Anthony Peterman
DNS #12 Trey Robb
DNS #39 Gary Paul

Street Stock A-Main
1. #9 Glen Gamblin
2. #8h David Hurst
3. #18 Andre Missig
4. #48 Arnie Prater
5. #1B Shayne Baker
6. #1 Jimmy Nutter
7. #11 Ryan Hines
8. #4 Eric Hunter
9. #85 Johnny Cole
10. #19 Josh Gamblin
11. #17 Tristan Ramseyer
12. #56 Thurman Wines
13. #13 Adam Heady
DNS #89b Bobby Burton

Thunder Car A-Main
1. #1jr James Nutter
2. #7d Allen Davis
3. #215 Gerald Armfield
4. #33 Jeff Shaw
5. #92a Scott Apple
6. #92z Chanteal Zimmerman
7. #85 Warren Law
8. #77r Angelique Roberts
9. #28d David Atkins
10. #72 Brandon Simpson
11. #901 JR Williams
12. #57 David Tanner
13. #2h Tim Huffman
14. #8 Chris Hunter
DNS #56 Tony Bowman
DNS #88 Jeremy Kohn

Sportsman A-Main
1. #h0 Lee Hobbs
2. #21 Joe Whisler

Stanbrough steadies ship, snares second win
Gamblin, Nutter, Hobbs victorious as well

By Derek Fisher

So many summer Sunday nights at the Kokomo Speedway during the last three years, Jon Stanbrough has had a relatively easy go of things in the sprint car division. That was certainly not the case in Sunday’s most recent sprint car program. The evening did see Stanbrough capture the 25-lap A feature win, but his path to get there saw him get upside down, bounce through a rocky B feature and hold off a big challenge in the main event before he could visit victory lane.

27 sprint cars were on hand for the evening’s racing card, and May 25 feature winner Cole Whitt picked up right where he left off last week, garnering the night’s fastest qualifying time. Sprint car heat races followed, and after Scotty Weir won the first preliminary Stanbrough took to the lightning-fast clay for the second.

After starting sixth, the two-time Kokomo track champion was running a solid third place with just two laps remaining when he bicycled after going hard into turn three, and eventually rolled one time after making contact with the wall. The damage was significant enough to end Stanbrough’s race and send him to the B feature.

After Casey Shuman and Whitt won the remaining heats, Stanbrough steered from the pole of the 10-car B event and looked to have things in hand early. A series of bobbles however, including another large bicycle in turn two that nearly had him hugging concrete again, put things in doubt. Stanbrough eventually kept his machine out of trouble and took the win, earning him a spot in the main event.

On the opening lap of that main, Stanbrough shot from inside the third row to steal second behind polesitter Bart Grider as up-front starters Levi Jones, Chirs Gurley and Hunter Schuerenberg quickly faded. By the second circuit, Stanbrough was out front and beginning to make his customary drive away from the field.

But it was Whitt, who started alongside Stanbrough in the sixth slot, who kept things interesting up front and would deliver Stanbrough’s final test of the night. Getting around Grider for second on the fifth lap, Whitt stalked the leader through the moist middle and the reworked bottom of the racing surface for the next five circuits. By lap 11, Whitt was still closing on Stanbrough as the lead duo held nearly a straightaway advantage over the battle for third place. Behind them Grider, Jones, Weir and Tracy Hines waged a dogfight for that spot, with Grider maintaining a narrow advantage over the group each time around.

Just when Whitt looked poised to overtake the top spot, lapped traffic came into play as he was bottled up behind two slow cars and watched Stanbrough reopen a large gap. Luckily for Whitt, the yellow flag flew and allowed him to close on the rear bumper of Stanbrough once more. On the restart, Stanbrough went defensive, choosing to run the bottom in turns one and two; Whitt’s line. Even so, Whitt was able to make the low side of turns three and four work while Stanbrough was upstairs, and by lap 18 the persistent Whitt was the runner-up by only a few feet at the line.

As Stanbrough held his ground at the point, the fight for third was still raging. Jones had stolen third from Grider on lap 13, only to see Weir repay the favor on the 15th circuit. Hines briefly poked a nose ahead and into the show position on lap 21, but Weir retook the spot the next time by. As Whitt faded somewhat from Stanbrough’s tail in the waning laps, Weir looked poised to make a run at second with 23 laps in the books. Nearly spinning his machine in the second corner of that circuit however, he saw Jones and Hines flash past and into third and fourth, respectively.

With no other passes made, Stanbrough passed under the checkers two laps later as the victor followed by Whitt, Jones and Hines. Weir looked to be a lock to hang onto the fifth position, but a resurgent Schuerenberg drifted out from the bottom of the final corner and pinched the Marion driver into the wall just before the line, taking the spot. The contact allowed Grider to take sixth in front of Weir, and the ensuing bottleneck caused by the slowing Weir claimed a victim in John Memmer. Memmer rode over eighth-place Shuman’s tire and cartwheeled across the finish line, but was unharmed and credited with ninth. Bret Mellenberndt completed the top 10.

In Kokomo thunder car action, James Nutter held off a very persistent Allen Davis to garner his first feature win of the young 2008 season.

Nutter led the event wire to wire, but his front row counterpart Davis repeatedly looked ready to pounce for the top spot. That was especially true on the ninth and 10th laps, when Davis nearly nosed ahead at the line. True to his veteran form, Nutter held a consistent line and held off the two-time 2008 winner.

Behind the top two, Gerald Armfield ran a steady race and wired the 15-lap distance in the third position. Behind Armfield though, it was anything but steady. David Tanner and Tim Huffman battled for fourth early before mechanical woes forced them both from the feature. That bit of misfortune handed the spot to Brandon Sampson, but Sampson also fell victim to trouble, dropping out with seven laps remaining.

Jeff Shaw eventually held onto fourth ahead of Scott Apple.

In the street stock A main, Kokomo veteran Glen Gamblin made it two straight.

2007 Kokomo juggernaut Andre Missig fired off from the pole position and into the early lead ahead of May 25 winner Gamblin. Much like the thunder car A feature, second place Gamblin stalked the leader for much of the eary going, nearly pulling off a pass just five laps in.

Gamblin was patient though, and picked his way through traffic in the middle stages of the race before taking the point from Missig with five laps remaining. On the next circuit, David Hurst used his momentum to snag the runner-up spot, relegating Missig to third.

When the dust settled the top three were the same, and were followed by Arnie Prater and Shayne Baker.

In sportsman action, Lee Hobbs was victorious over Joe Whisler.