Klash Rules for Sunday September 1st

Street Stocks & Thunder Cars will run under Klash rules for the Osman Season Championship.

Street Stock Rules

  • Open tire rule on all four corners
  • Stock appearing bodies only (aftermarket five star style allowed)
  • 3000 LBS minimum weight
  • Stock OEM frames (uni-body cars allowed) (Rear frame may be replaced from rear shock mounts back)
  • No aluminum blocks or heads allowed
  • Maximum 8 inch spoiler allowed
  • Maximum 8 inch wheel width
  • Weight jacks allowed
  • Eldora, Limaland Stocks & Oakshade Bombers legal, must run their track rules (DOT TIRES ONLY)

Thunder Car Rules

  • DOT Tires Only (NO RACING TIRES)
  • Factory Stock Steel OEM Body (Aftermarket Nose & Tail Covers OK)
  • 3200 LBS minimum weight
  • Stock OEM Frames ONLY (No Uni-Body Cars Allowed)
  • Must run gauge legal 2 barrel 500 CFM 4412 Holley unaltered carburetor.
  • All Steel Motors ONLY
  • No Spoilers Allowed
  • Maximum 8 inch wheel width
  • Stock Rear Suspension Only (Aftermarket Shocks, Springs, & Ford 9 inch rear ends allowed in OEM mounting location)