May 25th, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. 29w Cole Whitt
2. 10e Scotty Wier
3. 2b Brad Kuhn
4. 7r Dave Darland
5. 17 Chris Windom
6. 2 Tracy Hines
7. 57 Casey Shuman
8. 32 Ron Dennis
9. 82 Bart Grider
10. 66j Josh Spencer
11. 78 Adam Byrkett
12. 5h Patrick Haynes
13. 44 Ryan Pace
14. 59 James Bradshaw
15. 7a Caleb Armstrong
16. 1c Kent Christian
17. 7oh JT Imperial
DNS 4x Dylan Burge

Street Stock A-Main
1. 9 Glen Gamblin
2. 48 Arnie Prater
3. 8 David Hurst
4. 78 Charley Walden
5. 18m Andre Missig
6. 1b Shayne Baker
7. 56 Thurman Wines
8. 11L Shane Landis
9. 85 Johnny Cole
10. 62 David Jarvis
11. 18k Kevin Kemp
12. 4 Eric Hunter
13. 13 Adam Heady
14. 17 Tristan Ramseyer
DNS 83 Kevin Mullin
DNS 2 Bob Jarrett
DNS 5h Gary Hotsinpiller
DNS 1w Bob White

Thunder Car A-Main
1. 7d Allen Davis
2. 2h Tim Huffman
3. 952 Brad Clark
4. 8h Chris Hunter
5. 33 Jeff Shaw
6. 901 JR Williams
7. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
8. 12c Steve Clark
9. 04 Brad Cain
10. 92 Scott Apple
11. 56 Tony Bowman
12. 215 Gerald Armfield
13. 72 Brandon Sampson
14. 8 Chris Voiles
DNS 67 Rich Parker

UMP Modified A-Main
1.h0 Lee Hobbs
2. 9c Bill Lewis
3. 22 Greg Pitts
4. 13 Kevin DeYoung
5. 3 Craig Walker
6. 57L Josh Fosnaugh
7. 5 JD Francis
8. 89h Brad Heady
9. 24m Larry Hapner
10. 24 Zeke McKenzie
11. 36 Troy Willis
12. 17 Kevin McCarty
13. 96 John Meyer
14. 55 Jerry Taylor
15. 18 Randy Lines
16. 30a John Allen
17. 14 Tommy Beezley
DNS 12x Josh Owens

First victory worth the Whitt
Gamblin, Davis, Hobbs also find victory lane

By Derek Fisher

On three occasions in the last calendar year, California’s Cole Whitt had come heartbreakingly close to capturing his initial sprint car win at the famed Kokomo Speedway.

First, Whitt battled among the leaders for the entire 30-lap distance of the 2007 Kokomo installment of Indiana Sprintweek, only to see Jon Stanbrough win late. Two weeks later in the second leg of the inaugural Kokomo Twin 25’s, Whitt made a last corner charge on Hunter Schuerenberg, falling half a car length short at the line. And finally at the closer of October’s Kokomo Klash, Whitt led a parade around the bottom for 24 of 25 laps before a flat right rear tire handed a gift-wrapped win to Shane Cottle.

Whitt’s luck changed Sunday night at the local oval, as he took the top spot from Kent Christian on lap two and stretched out a big lead between caution periods to garner his elusive first victory.

Whitt started from inside the third row in the A feature and used a great run off the bottom of turn two on the first circuit to lunge into the runner-up position behind Christian and ahead of polesitter Chris Windom.

Whitt continued to utilize the trace of moisture on the bottom side to pull out to a straightaway lead at the halfway mark. Behind him, the remainder of the18 car field tried its luck on the top side, where mositure was nonexistent but a small cushion remained. A caution period on lap 14 erased Whitt’s large advantage and allowed Christian, Scotty Weir, Windom and Dave Darland to close in behind the 16-year-old competitor.

On the restart however, it was clear that Whitt was still the man to beat. He again pulled out to a large lead on Christian, as the latter was engaged in a dogfight with Weir, Windom and charging fourth-place starter Brad Kuhn for the second spot. That dogfight turned ugly on lap 20 when Kuhn, after having done away with Windom, dove low entering the first turn and attempted a slide job on both Weir and Christian. The Avon driver cleared Weir but made heavy contact with Christian, sending the veteran pilot for a nasty series of rolls through turn two. Christian was eventually able to emerge from the car under his own power, but his night was done.

Despite his advantage being erased again, Whitt was undeterred and drove away from the field over the remaining five laps. Weir held off a persistent Kuhn for second, while Kuhn placed ahead of Darland, Windom, Tracy Hines, Casey Shuman, Ron Dennis, Bart Grider and Josh Spencer.

After being asked by track announcer Rob Goodman how it felt to now be called a Kokomo feature winner, Whitt replied, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to say that? This is great and I’ve got to thank my crew for all their help.”

In the street stock main event, Kokomo legend Glen Gamblin returned to a familiar place: The winner’s circle.

Gamblin led wire-to-wire in the fifteen lap feature, and the following three positions didn’t change much either; Arnie Prater, David Hurst and Charley Walden held down spots two through four from the second circuit until the last, with only Walden and Hurst swapping spots on lap three.

Andre Missig, winner of the first two Kokomo street stock features in 2008, started 13th but picked his way through field steadily to round out the top five.

Allen Davis was again the class of the field in the thunder car division, snaring his second win in three tries this year at the Speedway.

Starting from outside the front row, Davis was challenged early by Tony Bowman for the lead until Bowman lost a tire in the early going, knocking him from contention. Tim Huffman used Bowman’s misfortune to his advantage and took the runner-up spot, a position he would not relinquish.

Behind Bowman, Bradley Clark and Chris Hunter waged a torrid battle for the show position, with Clark finally wrestling the spot on lap 12 and holding onto it from there. Hunter held on for fourth and Jeff Shaw was fifth.

In a rare Kokomo appearance by the modifed division, track veteran Lee Hobbs was victorious.

Hobbs started outside the second row in the main event and passed polesitter and early leader Kevin McCarty on lap two and proceeded to lead the first ten circuits. Hobbs was not alone at the front of the field however, as Greg Pitts dogged the leader on the low side before a caution period slowed the field.

On the restart, Pitts got the jump on Hobbs and led lap 11 before Hobbs gained momentum on the high side and regained the point the next time around. Hobbs went unchallenged the rest of the way, and Pitts held onto second before losing the spot to Bill Lewis on the final circuit. Pitts held on for third and front row starter Kevin DeYoung rebounded to take fourth after spinning and tagging the tail early. Craig Walker was fifth.