May 30th, 2010

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1.39 Dave Darland
2.11 Chris Windom
3.10 Shane Cottle
4.51 Scotty Weir
5.71 Joshua Clemons
6.5 Bobby East
7.27 Andrew Elson
8.57 Thomas Meseraull
9.12 Chris Gurley
10.21 AJ Francis
11.58 Jamie Fredrickson
12.56 Josh Spencer
13.39p Gary Paul

15 Lap Speed Queen Racing & Design Street Stocks A Main
1.56 Ryan Disterheft
2.8 David Hurst
3.9 Glen Gamblin
4.00 Landon Miller
5.3 Craig Walker
6.05 David Bumgardner
7.23 Lee Price
8.48 Travis Wolford
9.1 Ervin Turnwe
10.6 Jay Hamilton
11.96 Joe Malone
12.17 Tristan Ramseyer
13.14j Jordan Almanza
14.73 Jeff Baldauf
15.92 Scott Apple
16.H0 Lee Hobbs
17.5h Josh Hotsinpiller
18.19 Josh Gamblin
19.56b Tony Bowman
DNS 83 Kevin Mullin
DNS 18 Kevin Kemp

15 Lap Thunder Car Shootout A Main
1.215 Gerald Armfield
2.86 Nick Glassburn
3.6 Junior Williams
4.12c Steve Clark
5.22 Josh Attinger
6.31 Frank Downs
7.14 Kris Workman
8.92 Scott Apple
9.112 Dick Day
10.73 Brian Baldauf
11.622 Lana Jarvis
12.21s Bryar Schroeter
13.1f Dennis Freeland
14.215x Chris Hunter
15.48a David Atkins
DNS 55 Brandon Taylor
DNS 5j Jim Summitt

20 Lap Hoosier Racing Tire UMP Modified A Main
1.9h Matt Hamilton
2.7w Bill Lewis
3.D1 Lance Dehm
4.21a Nick Allen
5.36 Jamie Lomax
6.24 Zeke McKenzie
7.7d Brad DeYoung
8.66 Phil Line
9.65 Todd Sherman
10.00d David Daughtery
11.31 Tom Bell
12.96 David Short
13.69 Tommy Beezley
14.37 JD Francis
15.00r Tony Roland
16.27a Greg Amick
17.28m Frank Marshall
18.3m Lonnie McIntyre
19.2 Chip Risner
20.38 Tim Sullivan, Jr.
21.8 Dan Bloem

8 Lap Hoosier Racing Tire B Main #1 (top 2 transfer)
1.00r Roland
2.28m Marshall
3.21L Derek Losh
4.34 Walt Wisniewski
5.9s Mark Strehler
6.78 Charlie Walden
7.33 Kyle Yocum
8.63 Josh James
DNS 23d Kyle Dautrich

8 Lap Hoosier Racing Tire B Main #2 (top 2 transfer)
1.65 Sherman
2.2 Risner
3.48x Kurt Allison
4.43 Eric Morris
5.22 Greg Pitts
6.23c Ryan Cripe
7.25 Josh Lolmaugh
8.141 Mike Sullivan
DNS 6 Lee Hobbs

8 Lap Hoosier Racing Tire B Main #3 (top 2 transfer)
1.37 Francis
2.38 Sullivan, Jr.
3.92 Lynn Johns
4.95 Greg Socha
5.00h John Hipps
6.77L Jeff Jones
DNS 88 Jordan Danford
DNS 10 Brent Davis
DNS p51 Derrick Hufford

Darland Denies Windom Again
Hamilton, Disterheft, Armfield are winners

By Derek Fisher

The first loser, folks in racing circles will to tell you, is the guy who finishes second.

Chris Windom has to be tiring very quickly of being the first loser.

The Canton, Ill. racer recorded his third straight runner-up finish at the Kokomo Speedway on Sunday night, this time playing bridesmaid to veteran sprint car shoe Dave Darland. Darland, who made his 49th career visit to the local oval’s winner’s circle with the triumph, overtook Shane Cottle on lap eight and held off a very game Windom for the win.

“That felt good,” Darland said post-race from the All-Star Performance / Crume-Evans Insurance / Lowe’s Racing Engines victory lane. “I always enjoy winning here at Kokomo.”

Darland, a native of Lincoln, started third in the 25-lap OmniSource sprint main event and jumped into second immediately beind the polesitting Cottle. Using the high line, Darland steadily chipped away at Cottle’s modest lead until the two staged a tremendous duel for the point beginning on the fifth circuit.

With Cottle toiling away on the bottom, Darland found momentum exiting the fourth turn and nipped the Kokomo driver by inches at the line on lap six. Cottle returned the favor by grabbing great moisture leaving turn four’s low side on the seventh tour, but then watched Darland duplicate his earlier maneuver on the following circuit.

As Darland began to add to his lead by the lap, Windom was on the move. The fifth-year pilot circled Scotty Weir for third place on lap six and used the cushion to advance past Cottle on the 11th circuit. Drawing close to Darland as the pair encountered lapped traffic, Windom was all over the leader’s tail tank and exploring all options to overtake the point by lap 15.

Riding patiently in Darland’s footsteps, Windom waited for a bobble that never came. A last ditch, diving effort to the low side of turns one and two on the final circuit looked to have promise, but any chance of a last-lap lead change was dashed when the rear of Windom’s Walker machine stepped out a bit leaving the second corner. The race was Darland’s.

“I’ve got to thank my team,” added Darland. “Matt Goodnight gives me a good race car every night and Brian Cripe does a good job working on it. I can’t thank them enough.”

Cottle settled for third. He was followed by Weir and Josh Clemons.

Matt Hamilton was victorious in the UMP modified A feature.

Hamilton commenced the 20-lap event in fifth, settling into second behind Zeke McKenzie and Bill Lewis. Lewis overtook McKenzie for the point on lap three, and Hamilton followed suit by relegating McKenzie to third on the fourth circuit.

Filtering through the first hint of backmarkers on lap eight, Hamilton was steadily gaining on the leader in the high groove. By the next time around, the lead was Hamilton’s after an authoritative pass for the lead in turns three and four.

Hamilton was unchallenged for the remainder of the event, save for a turn-two bobble on lap 18 that allowed Lewis to make things respectable again.

“This is my first time here,” Hamilton said afterwards. “I was chasing [Lewis] and we got into lapped traffic and I had to make something happen. This place is fast.”

Lewis, Lance Dehm, Derek Losh and Jamie Lomax rounded out the top five.

Ryan Disterheft was the winner of a 15-lap Speed Queen Racing & Design street stock event.

Disterheft started sixth on the grid and advanced to the third spot on lap four as David Hurst and Glen Gamblin dueled for the point.

Advancing to second behind Hurst by the time a lap seven caution flew for Lee Hobbs, who’d made it into the top five from last, “Short Stack” Disterheft used the low groove in turns three and four to garner the point on the 10th circuit before checking out on the field.

“This is a great track, a real driver’s track,” said Disterheft. “You’ve got to get up on the wheel here and I really enjoy it.”

Hurst, Gamblin, Landon Miller and Craig Walker completed the top five.

Gerald Armfield went wire-to-wire for his third thunder car A-main win of the young 2010 season, holding off second-place Nick Glassburn for the bulk of the event.

“Nick is fast,” Armfield said. “He’s a good buddy of mine and he’s a clean driver. I was fighting the car in [turns] three and four and I thought for sure he was going to get me.”

Glassburn, Junior Williams, Steve Clark and Josh Attinger followed Armfield to the line.