May 3rd, 2009

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1. 29w Cole Whitt
2. 10e Shane Cottle
3. 10f Blake Fitzpatrick
4. 53 Jon Stanbrough
5. 17f Nic Faas
6. 11j Levi Jones
7. 57 Casey Shuman
8. 34 Shane Hollingsworth
9. 5j Joss Moffitt
10. 17w Chris Windom
11. 7r Dave Darland
12. 12g Chris Gurley
13. 5e Bobby East
14. 16 Billy Puterbaugh
15. 5 Ray Kenens
16. 16 Randy Donelson
17. 39 Bryan Clauson
18. 66c Corey Smith
19. 12 Jimmy Light
20. 27k Ryan Kaplan

10 Lap Omni Source B Main #1 (top 2 to the A Main)
1. 7d Darland
2. 10f Fitzpatrick
3. 14Coleman Gulick
4. 11r Tyler Reddick
5. 41 Critter Malone
6. 66j Josh Spencer
7. 15b Ethan Barrow
8. 4a Marc Arnold
DNS 37s Dustin Smith
DNS 1x Kurt Gross

10 Lap Omni Source B Main #2 (top 2 to the A Main)
1. 16 Puterbaugh
2. 5j Moffitt
3. 58 Jamie Fredrickson
4. 27a Andrew Elson
5. 70 AJ Martin
6. 17s Tony Sessions
7. 15 Jeff Wimmenauer
DNS 07 Hunter Schurenberg
DNS 17r Kyle Robbins
DNS 81 Robert Ballou

15 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1. 1 Ervin Turner
2. 2 Brandon Roundtree
3. 56 Tony Bowman
4. 9 Glen Gamblin
5. 62 Davis Jarvis
6. 83 Kevin Mullin
7. 14 John Hitch
8. 11 Thurman Wines
9. 65 Perry Shelton
DNS 1n Jimmy Nutter
DNS 3n Kaleb Nutter
DNS 12 Jeremy Van Ness

15 Lap UMP Thunder Car A Main
1. 7d Allen Davis
2. 26 Jason Larrison
3. 215 Gerald Armfield
4. 9x Corey Johnson
5. 75 Marvin Uitts
6. 83 Ray Malone
7. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
8. 68 Bill Cox
9. 12c Steve Clark
10. 13 Daphnie Paul
11. 0 Chris Clark
12. 2h Tim Huffman
13. 55 Eric Hunter
14. 11 Larry Thompson
15. 67 Rich Parker
DNS 12x Josh Owens
DNS 33 Jeff Shaw
DNS 55 Jerry Taylor

20 Lap UMP Modified A Main
1. 82 Todd Sherman
2. 7r Kent Robinson
3. 21 Derek Losh
4. 00 Tony Roland
5. 36L Jamie Lomax
6. 17m Kevin McCarty
7. 4 Brandon McComas
8. 43 Eric Morris
9. 8 Jim Mallory
10. 15 Jacoby Hines
11. 23 Ryan Cripe
12. 10 Brent Davis
13. 36x Bill Lewis
14. H0 Lee Hobbs
15. 17t Michael Tarlton
16. 37 JD Francis
17. 24 Zeke McKenzie
18. 3 Craig Walker
19. 63 Josh James
DNS 96 David Short
DNS 36h Tony Hayden

Whitt Welcomes 2009 Season with Win

By Derek Fisher

Kokomo Speedway’s 62nd racing season started off with a bang on Sunday night. Make that several bangs.

On an evening that saw no fewer than seven race cars upside down, California native Cole Whitt emerged victorious in the action-packed Omni Source sprint car division. Joining Whitt in victory lane were Ervin Turner (Rent-A-Center street stocks), Allen Davis (thunder cars) and Todd Sherman (UMP modifieds).

The early portion of the sprint car card was marred by an accident involving Robert Ballou. Ballou, who was victorious at the local oval in an August 26, 2007 program, flipped his machine into the turn four concrete after contact with Hunter Schuerenberg during the night’s third heat race. The rollcage of Ballou’s sprinter was mangled in the crash, and had to be removed to extract Ballou. The Rocklin, California native was transported to St. Joseph Hospital and later to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for observation.

When the Omni Source sprint car A feature commenced, it was second-generation driver Bobby East getting the jump on polesitter Jon Stanbrough and leading the charge into the first turn. East’s lead was short-lived however, as the Indianapolis shoe bicycled his machine badly entering the third turn and handed the lead back to Stanbrough.

Leading until a lap four caution period for Ryan Kaplan’s stalled racer, Stanbrough took a turn riding the bicycle exiting the second corner on the ensuing restart and saw Whitt surge by and into the lead. Also benefitting from Stanbrough’s miscue was three-time track titlist Shane Cottle, who followed Whitt around the Avon pilot and into second.

As Stanbrough suffered a free fall back to the sixth position, on the move was Bryan Clauson. Clauson, hailing from Noblesville, circled Cottle for the runner-up spot on the seventh circuit and set sail for Whitt. Exclusively using the low side of the quarter mile oval, Clauson steadily cut into Whitt’s advantage and, after Whitt encountered lapped traffic on lap 12, began applying pressure to the 2008 USAC National Midget champion.

With 11th place starter Blake Fitzpatrick now riding third ahead of Cottle, Casey Shuman and Stanbrough, Clauson moved to the high side of the racing surface and saw it pay dividends immediately. Falling short of leading laps 17, 18 and 19 by mere inches at the line, Clauson finally moved around Whitt at the onset of lap 20. Quickly building a lead on Whitt thanks to a pick in turn one from the lapped car of East, Clauson’s euphoria was erased in the third turn when he was collected by a tumbling Corey Smith. Turning his own machine over twice, Clauson’s night was over.

Unchallenged over the final six laps, Whitt cruised to victory over Cottle, Fitzpatrick, Stanbrough, Nic Faas, Shuman and Shane Hollingsworth.

“We come here for a reason, and it’s that this is a great race track,” said Whitt post-race. “It was racy tonight and it took us a while to get the car right, but once we did we went forward. It was unfortunate what happened to [Clauson], because I think we’d have had a good race up front.”

Turner’s winning effort was a bit less dramatic. Beginning the Rent-A-Center street stock main event from the front row, Turner grabbed an early lead from multiple-time Kokomo champion and front row mate Glen Gamblin.

Dominating the first four laps in the high groove, by lap five Turner was feeling pressure from Gamblin on the low side. On the sixth circuit, Gamblin’s momentum on the bottom paid him with the top spot and Gamblin appeared to be on the way to victory.

Lap nine brought a different story however, as Gamblin’s familiar pink machine began experiencing motor issues and Turner again garnered the lead. Driving away from the field, Turner was gone as Brandon Roundtree circled Gamblin for second on lap 11.

The running order remained unchaged for the final four circuits as Roundtree, Gamblin, Tony Bowman and David Jarvis rounded out the top five.

Easier yet was Davis’ drive to the thunder car win. Commencing the A main from the pole position, Davis was an unchallenged wire-to-wire winner over Jason Larrison and Gerald Armfield.

Sherman’s UMP modified win came over Kent Robinson by a matter of just one car length.

Leading early and often, Robinson briefly lost the lead to Sherman in the the middle of the event when he surrendered the low side to the eventual winner. Using the high side, Robinson took back P1 on lap 14 of 20 and looked to be the victor until Sherman’s last charge with two laps remaining.

Again using the low groove, Sherman slid into the lead exiting the fourth turn of lap 19 and held it from there. Following Sherman and Robinson were Derek Losh, Tony Roland and Jamie Lomax.