May 9th, 2010

25 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car A Main
1.10e Shane Cottle
2.57 Thomas Meseraull
3.53 John Stanbrough
4.11 Chris Windom
5.39 Dave Darland
6.7 Caleb Armstong
7.16p Billy Puterbaugh
8.66 Josh Spencer
9.24 Tracy Hines
10.1x Kurt Gross
11.10f Blake Fitzpatrick
12.32 Chase Stockon
13.41 Steve Ott
14.76 JJ Hughes
15.87 Alvin Brantley
16.16k Todd Kirkman
17.7p Anthony Peterman
18.5 Justin Grant
19.12 Chris Gurley
20.23 Chris Kopczynski

12 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car B Main (top 5 transfer)
1.41 Ott
2.7p Peterman
3.76 Hughes
4.16k Kirkman
5.87 Brantley
6.24s Landon Simon
7.17r Kyle Robbins
8.00 Ryan Grubaugh
9.27a Andrew Elson
DNS 58 Jamie Fredrickson
DNS 92 Daron Clayton

15 Lap Speed Queen Racing & Design Street Stocks
1.3 Craig Walker
2.H0 Lee Hobbs
3.1 Ervin Turner
4.00 Landon Miller
5.9 Glen Gamblin
6.19 Josh Gamblin
7.11w Thurman Wines
8.12 Jesse Dixon
9.14j Jordan Almanza
10.89b Bobby Burton
11.83 Kevin Mullin
12.5h Josh Hotsinpiller
13.10 Eric Hunter
14.13 Adam Heady
15.11h Ryan Hines
16.28d David Atkins
17.48 Travis Wolford

15 Lap Thunder Car A Main
1.95 Jeremy Van Ness
2.86 Nick Glassburn
3.1t Matt Toosley
4.50 Jason Shrout
5.1f Dennis Freeland
6.14b Troy Black
7.14w Kris Workman
8.89c Steve Clark
9.215x Scott Warner
10.112 Dick Day
11.12a John Antoine
12.622 Lana Jarvis
13.75 Marvin Uitts
14.92a Scott Apple
15.1a Jeremy Atkinson
16.11 Nick Boyd
17.92c Chris Clark
18.215 Gerald Armfield
19.6 Junior Williams
20.96 Brad Clark
21.28 Cory Buckner
22.21s Bryar Schroeter

15 Lap 600 Mini Sprint A Main
1.94 Andrew Peters
2.23c Tyler Courtney
3.52w Trent Wilson
4.22c Taylor Courtney
5.41 Cole Ketchum
6.52m Stephanie Mockler
7.9p Parker Price-Miller
8.11 Shawn Miller
9.29 Logan Jarrett
10.11x Nick Richards
11.9 Brittin O’Neal
12.51 Jason Ormsby
13.92 Jeff Llyod
14.14 Kylee Brown

Cottle Weathers Storms for Win
Walker, Van Ness, Peters victorious

By Derek Fisher

Any Hoosier will tell you that May weather patterns in Indiana can make the outdoors feel like any of the four seasons. Mother Nature often splices those extremes together rather poorly as well, offering very little to no period of adjustment. That was certainly the case in Howard County in the days preceding Sunday, when Friday’s balmy June-like temperatures gave way to Saturday winds and cold more akin to late March.

Sunday marked Mother’s Day, and naturally Mother Nature remained center stage. Although bright sunshine greeted patrons and competitors alike as they entered the Kokomo Speedway, winds were still brisk and foretold of a chilly evening to come. Undeterred, seven days after losing its first race date to weather since June 22, 2008, the Davis Road oval rendered last week’s washout irrelevant by providing two programs’ worth of action in a single event.

Shane Cottle (OmniSource sprint cars), Craig Walker (Speed Queen Racing & Designs street stocks), Jeremy Van Ness (thunder cars) and Andrew Peters (600cc mini-sprints) were the headliners on a night that saw three fantastic feature events, and one that was merely good. Such is life at the Kokomo Speedway.

Cottle’s win came at the end of 25 laps of intensity. Starting from the pole in his Crume-Evans Insurance, RG Enterprises Chalk sprinter, Cottle dueled early and often with front-row mate Blake Fitzpatrick. Working the middle groove flawlessly, perfection almost wasn’t good enough for Cottle to detain Fitzpatrick, although two early stoppages — one for Chris Windom’s lap five spin and the other for Chris Gurley’s turn-two tumble on the ensuing circuit — kept the Kokomo veteran out front.

With Gurley pitside and Windom tagging the tail, Fitzpatrick finally made good on his threats and stole the lead at lap seven’s stripe by nipping Cottle around the high side. Cottle, albeit on the bottom, returned the favor by inches the next time around. Regaining rhythm and momentum, Cottle eased out to a small lead by lap 10 as sixth-starting Thomas Meseraull surged around Fitzpatrick and into second.

Dogged in his pursuit of the lead, Meseraull rode the cushion in navigating his way through the first hints of lapped traffic to stay glued to Cottle’s bumper. As Cottle continued to roll the middle, Meseraull was applying very serious pressure on the point by lap 17. After brief contact with the lapped machine of Anthony Peterman caused a Cottle bobble, Meseraull streaked around the leader to pace the 18th circuit.

After Tracy Hines, who had advanced to sixth after starting 13th, looped his machine to bring out a caution with seven laps remaining, Cottle regained the lead by diving underneath Meseraull on the restart. Meseraull went back up top in his Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne racer and stole the next two tours by less than half a car-length, as two-time Kokomo track champion Jon Stanbrough joined the fight for the lead.

With Windom back up to fourth after his early spin and also threatening to join the fray, Cottle retook P1 on lap 22 when Meseraull jumped the cushion and brushed the turn-two wall. Dropping him back into the clutches of Stanbrough, Meseraull’s mistake offered the slightest bit of breathing room for Cottle, and the three-time track champ made no miscues of his own over the final three circuits.

“[Car owner] Monte Edison works his butt off on this car, and he gave me a good one [Sunday],” Cottle said from the All-Star Performance / Crume-Evans Insurance / Lowe’s Racing Engines victory lane. “I needed that yellow when Tracy spun to make some adjustments to the car. When Peterman slowed down I jumped his right rear there, but we rebounded from that and the rest is history.”

Meseraull was able to hold off Stanbrough for second position. Windom claimed fourth and Dave Darland was fifth.

Walker’s street stock win was equally as dramatic.

Starting the 15-lap event in the sixth position, Walker jumped into third behind Ervin Turner and Thurman Wines on lap four as early favorite Lee Hobbs was forced to the tail after changing a tire. After a brief tussle with Landon Miller as Wines faded, second was Walker’s on the fifth lap.

Turner ran out to a large lead over Walker and Miller during the next six circuits, but Hobbs was the man on the move. Hobbs, the April 18 street stock victor, passed Ryan Hines for fifth on lap seven before circling both Josh Gamblin and Miller for third on the next tour.

By the time a caution flew with just four laps remaining, Hobbs had supplanted Walker for second and, thanks to the yellow flag, had reeled in Turner. Two more laps were put in the books with no change in the running order before Hines retired with mechanical issues that forced another caution period, setting up a two-lap dash to the finish.

On the restart Walker dove low and Turner opted for the high line, making Hobbs the meat in a street-stock sandwich. The trio completed almost the entirety of the 14th circuit in three-wide fashion before Hobbs and Turner made slight contact coming to the white flag, allowing Walker to gather a slight lead. With Turner’s momentum stalled, Hobbs mounted one last charge on the high side exiting the final corner, but fell mere feet short of Walker at the line.

“This thing was running on about six or seven cylinders,” Walker said post-race. “That was lots of fun, though. That’s why we built this car, we were running a modified and not having any fun.”

Turner held on for third in front of Miller and Glen Gamblin.

In the 600cc mini-sprint A-main, Tyler Courtney led 14 and one-quarter laps before Peters snuck around him between the first and second corners on the final circuit to steal the win.

“I’ve got to quit doing these last-lap passes,” Peters joked in victory lane. “The track slicked off a little bit, and I think we missed our gear setup. I’ve got to give Tyler credit, he drove his butt off.”

Courtney was second and was followed by Stephanie Mockler, Taylor Courtney and Cole Ketchum.

Van Ness wasn’t a wire-to-wire winner in the thunder car feature, but was as close as possible.

Jeremy Atkinson, starting alongside Van Ness, jumped from inside the second row to lead lap one of 15 in the event, but by the second tour Van Ness had assumed control. With Atkinson, Matt Toosley and Nick Glassburn in tow, Van Ness was unchallenged save two occasions: Once when Atkinson took a peek under the leader on lap seven, and the other when Glassburn did the same late in the race after Atkinson got tangled up with a lapped car.

“We broke an oil pressure line with about three laps to go and it was spraying me pretty bad,” Van Ness said. “I saw Nick poke his nose under me [towards the end], so I went to the bottom to take away his line. I knew he’d be running down there.”

Glassburn, Toosley, Jason Shrout and Atkinson rounded out the top five.