October 18th, 2009

Kokomo Klash III – Night #2

25 Lap Sprint Car A Main
1. 29w Cole Whitt
2. 10e Shane Cottle
3. 11s Hunter Schuerenberg
4. 2b Dave Darland
5. 10c Jerry Coons, Jr.
6. 11w Chris Windom
7. 12h Ted Hines
8. 7c Cole Carter
9. 41 Steve Ott
10. 14 Coleman Gulick
11. 12g Chris Gurley
12. 5e Bobby East
13. 15jw Jeff Wimmenauer
14. 5g Justin Grant
15. 66j Josh Spencer
16. z1 Cale Conley
17. 53 Jon Stanbrough
18. 57 Thomas Meseraull
19. 9 Russ Harper
20. 17r Kyle Robbins

10 Lap Sprint Car B Main (Top 4 Transfer)
1. 7c Carter
2. 41 Ott
3. 17r Robbins
4. 66j Spencer
5. 98 JC Bland
6. 58 Jamie Fredrickson
7. 71 Chad Branson
8. 51 Mike Hess
9. 90 Patrick Budde
10. 44 Tom Davies
11. 10v Matt Vandervere
12. 3d Dakota Armstorng
DNS 24 Tracy Hines
DNS 21 AJ Francis

25 Lap Midget A Main
1. 4e Bobby East
2. 17 Brad Kuhn
3. 39 Bryan Clauson
4. 2b Dave Darland
5. 3 Jerry Coons, Jr.
6. 16 Shane Cottle
7. 3 Cale Conley
8. 11 Andrew Felker
9. 92 Billy Wease
10. 39x Dakota Jackson
11. 76 Kellen Conover
12. 7 Taylor Ferns
13. 5k Kent Schmidt
14. 92 Nick Wagner
15. 5 Zach Daum
16. 24 Tracy Hines
17. 4p Gary Bradley
DNS 93 Brandon Wagner
DNS 35 Travis Berryhill

25 Lap 600 Mini Sprint A Main
1. 83 Wes McIntyre
2. 11 Andrew Felker
3. 9L Ryan Langston
4. 23e Sara Elrod
5. 39 Matt Johnson
6. 52 Trent Wilson
7. 51 Jason Olmsby
8. 42 Conner Donnelson
9. 20 Chris Smith
10. 11s Brandon Sampson
11. 9 Brittain O’Neal
12. 31d Josh Derrickson
13. 31j Rob Johnson
14. 68 Gary Klein
15. 36 Halen Schafer
16. 51k Todd Kirkman
17. 29 Logan Jarrett
18. 23c Tyler Courtney
19. 22c Taylor Courtney

25 Lap Thunder Car A Main
1. 26 Jason Larrison
2. 41 Ron Flaugh
3. 05 Jeffrey Johnson
4. 56 Levi Bowman
5. 83 Ray Molder
6. 2h Tim Huffman
7. 38jb John Antoine
8. Z Jesse Simmons
9. 215 Gerald Armfield
10. 12x Josh Owens
11. 48 Travis Wolford
12. 3 Troy Black
13. 87 Mark Keith
14. j586 Gordon Parsons, Jr.
15. 77 Chris Roberts
16. 44 Dave Fritz
17. 8 Frank Downs, Jr.
18. 215x Chris Hunter
19. 25 TJ Smith
20. 9 Travis Foulks

10 Lap Thunder Car B Main (Top 5 Transfer)
1. 56 Bowman
2. 44 Fritz
3. 83 Molder
4. 25 Smith
5. 8 Downs, Jr.
6. 6 Junior Williams
7. 13 Rick Paul
8. 1 Jerry Taylor
DNS 2v Brett Bolinger
DNS 38s Michael Shidler
DNS 55 Jimmy Nutter
DNS 37 Guy Rugg

Whitt and East Capture Klash Crowns
Collins, Allen, Hobbs, Lewis, Larrison and McIntyre also collect wins in two-day event

By Derek Fisher

Aside from currently competing against each other on a regular basis in United States Auto Club events across the country, Cole Whitt and Bobby East have little in common.

Whitt is an Alpine, Calif. native who burst onto the Indiana dirt track scene three years ago, honing his skills in a family-funded operation before morphing into a versatile USAC regular and 2008 National Midget champion.

East, born and raised in the Indianapolis area, is the son of a noted chassis builder and was strictly a USAC pavement specialist before trying his hand on regional dirt ovals over the past calendar year.

Sunday night at the Kokomo Speedway Whitt and East added the distinction of Kokomo Klash champion as a common thread, respectively claiming the headlining sprint car and midget portions of the third-annual event. Whitt’s win was his ninth overall at the local oval this year, while East’s triumph was his first career Kokomo connection.

Whitt started inside the second row of the 25-lap sprint feature, settling into fourth as polesitter Hunter Schuerenberg paced the field in the high groove at the race’s outset. Using the low line, Whitt worked around Chris Gurley and into third on lap eight before Kokomo driver Shane Cottle slipped underneath Schuerenberg and into the point three circuits later.

After using the cushion to circle Schuerenberg for second on the 16th circuit, Whitt steadily stalked Cottle and was poised to make a run at the leader when a lap 22 yellow flag flew for third-place Jon Stanbrough and fifth-running Thomas Meseraull’s frontstretch stoppage. Whitt’s Red Bull-sponsored sprinter also came to rest during the delay, but Whitt was allowed to regain his spot behind Cottle.

Whitt wasted little time in overtaking Cottle on the restart by diving deep into the third turn on lap 23 and emerging up high and in front of the leader exiting turn four. Cottle could not muster a countermove and settled for second in front of Schuerenberg, Dave Darland and Jerry Coons Jr.

“I don’t know what to say,” Whitt said from the All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines / Crume-Evans Insurance victory lane. “We’ve worked so hard all year. I’m not sure what happened on the yellow, they came across the radio and said ‘red’ so I pulled the car out of gear.

“I used to look up to guys like Shane and just try to keep up, and now to be able to beat them a few nights is awesome.”

East’s win in the 25-lap midget main was just as dramatic.

Starting outside the front row, East took command up high through seven caution-plauged laps before Bryan Clauson used the bottom steal the lead first on lap eight and again on the 10th tour.

As Darland, Coons and Brad Kuhn waged an intense battle for third just behind the leaders, East set about reclaiming the lead from Clauson and did just that on lap 19. Regaining momentum on the high side before diving back down low, Clauson again took the point from the rim-riding East on the 21st circuit.

With the triumvirate of Darland, Coons and Kuhn still in close quarters with the top two, Clauson bobbled exiting turn four on lap 22 and lost valuable momentum, watching East surge past and sail away. Kuhn was able to slip by Clauson on the ensuing circuit, relegating the Chip Ganassi protege to third at the finish. Darland and Coons rounded out the top five.

“The car was perfect,” East said of his Klatt Ford No. 4 machine. “That was a fun win and it was good to race with Bryan and Brad like that. We love racing here, thanks to the fans for coming out.”

Also on Sunday night, Jason Larrison and Wes McIntyre took home the thunder car and 600cc micro sprint portions of the Kokomo Klash, respectively.

Larrison took the lead from a spinning Gerald Armfield on the fourth of 25 thunder car circuits and outdueled Josh Owens over the first third of the event to take the win. He was followed by Ron Flaugh, Jeffrey Johnson, Jerry Taylor and Ray Molder.

McIntyre stalked leader Brandon Sampson for the bulk of the micro sprint main before taking P1 in lapped traffic on lap 20 of 25. Sampson, Ryan Langston, Tyler Courtney and Matt Johnson completed the top five.

Winners from Saturday’s night one of the Klash were Nick Allen (modifieds), Bryan Collins (late models), Lee Hobbs (sportsman) and Bill Lewis (street stocks.)