September 6th, 2009

25 Lap Omni Source Vince Osman Classic Sprint Car A-Main
1.10e Shane Cottle
2.11w Chris Windom
3.66j  Josh Spencer
4.17 Nic Faas
5.27a Andrew Elson
6.5 Bobby East
7.57 Thomas Meseraull
8.7 Cole Carter
9.3m Mark Perry
10.16 Billy Puterbaugh
11.37s Dustin Smith
12.76 JJ Hughes
13.3 Dakota Jackson
14.19 Joe Bares
15.79 Blake Nimee
16.90 Patrick Budde
17.29w Cole Whitt
18.77 Dustin Smith
19.11d Hunter Schuerenberg
20.58 Jamie Fredrickson

10 Lap Omni Source Sprint Car B Main (Top 5 transfer)
1.66j Spencer
2.79 Nimee
3.19 Bares
4.37s Smith
5.90 Budde
6.4 Michael Fischesser
7.1 Dave Gross
8.39 Gary Paul
DNS 37r Casey Riggs

15 Lap Rent-A-Center UMP Street Stock A Main
1.8 David Hurst
2.9 Glen Gamblin
3.00 Landon Miller
4.11 Thurman Wines
5.53 Joe Underwood
6.1n Kaleb Nutter
7.5 Brent Osborn
8.56 Tony Bowman
9.13 Adam Heady
10.5h Gary Hotsinpllier, Jr.
11.35 Jason Larrison
12.12 Jesse Dixon
13.3n Steven Nunley
14.71 Dennis Freeland
15.8h Chris Hunter

15 Lap UMP Thunder Car A Main
1.26 Jason Larrison
2.7d Allen Davis
3.48 Travis Wolford
4.44 Dave Fritz
5.11b Nick Boyd
6.215 Gerald Armfield
7.17m Josh Martin
8.8d Frank Downs
9.2h Tim Huffman
10.13 Daphnie Paul
11.2v Jeff Vogel
12.00 Bryan Martin
13.75 Marvin Uitts
14.92z Chanteal Zimmerman
15.38jb John Antoine
16.85 Scott Apple
17.25 TJ Smith
18.77 Chris Roberts
19.14 Kris Workman
20.1a Jeremy Atkinson

8 Lap UMP Thunder Car B Main (Top 5 transfer to the A Main)
1.2h Huffman
2.2v Vogel
3.38jb Antoine
4.25 Smith
5.85 Apple
6.00c Mike Cain
7.92 Warrell Law
DNS 95 Jeremy Van Ness

20 Lap UMP Modified A Main
1.44 Roger Cary
2.0 Joe Godsey
3.6b Dave Baldwin
4.00 Tony Roland
5.01 Don Kiger
6.96 Dave Short
7.92 Lynn Johns
8.55 Larry Lambert
9.17m Kevin McCarty
10.22 Greg Pitts
11.25 Josh Lolmaugh
12.48 Bub McDaniel
13.6 Jeff Jones
14.33 Kyle Yocum
15.63 Josh James
16.21 Kevan Free
17.20 David Daugherty
DQ 1 Devin Gilpin
DQ 3 Craig Walker

Cottle Conquers Kokomo
Hurst, Larrison and Cary also win; Whitt, Gamblin and Larrison are track champions

By Derek Fisher

Seven days after longtime stalwart Jon Stanbrough re-entered the Kokomo Speedway winner’s circle following nearly a year’s absence, another familiar face reappeared atop the local oval’s podium. And just in time.

Shane Cottle, winless in his last 23 Kokomo appearances, captured Sunday night’s calendar-closing Vince Osman Season Championship 25-lap sprint car feature event. The win was the 14th for Cottle in a nine-year Speedway career that has seen the Kokomo driver garner three track championships.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been here,” Cottle said from the Crume-Evans Insurance / All-Star Performance / Lowe’s Racing Engines victory lane. “The last time we won one here was the last race of 2007. It feels good to get a win in my hometown.”

Cottle, who started fourth in the event, had to work hard to avoid tallying a zero in his Kokomo Speedway win column for the second straight year. Settling into second early on behind polesitter Chris Windom, Cottle worked the low groove and watched Windom sprint away from the field on the high side of the lightning-quick surface.

After unsuccessfully trying to steal the lead away from Windom on a pair of mid-race restarts, a third chance following 2009 OmniSource sprint champion Cole Whitt’s lap 15 frontstretch flip proved to be the difference for Cottle. Flashing side-by-side under Windom exiting turn four on the restart, Cottle was just inches away from stealing the point and did accomplish the deed in the same fashion on the 17th circuit.

Adjusting the line of his Chalk Chassis / Allen’s Body Shop No. 10E to run the top at the Speedway’s north end and stick to the bottom in the south set of corners, Cottle was able to stretch out a comfortable lead over Windom and was unchallenged over the remainder of the event.

“We’ve been struggling with this car being tight all year,” Cottle, runner-up to Whitt in this year’s points chase, explained afterwards. “[Car owner] Monte Edison knows how to set up a race car and it was flawless tonight.”

Windom held on for second and was followed by Josh Spencer, whose third-place effort was a career best at Kokomo. Nic Faas and Andrew Elson, the 2009 sprint car rookie of the year, were fourth and fifth, respectively.

In the Rent-A-Center street stock main event, David Hurst was the victor.

Hurst, whose win was his eighth in the division this season, started outside the front row in the 15-lapper and jumped into the lead over 10-time and 2009 street stock champion Glen Gamblin. Despite constant pressure by Gamblin over the course of the race, Hurst was able to hold the point in wire-to-wire fashion.

“Congratulations to [Gamblin] on the championship,” said Hurst, who finished second in the final point standings. “We’re just happy with as many wins as we can get.”

Hurst was followed by Gamblin, Landon Miller, Thurman Wines and Joe Underwood.

Jason Larrison was victorious in the UMP thunder car 15-lap feature.

Larrison started eighth on the grid and and quickly moved into the top five as Gerald Armfield and Allen Davis battled for the lead early on. By lap eight, Larrison had joined the fray and narrowly edged Armfield and Davis for the point on the ninth circuit.

After Davis tagged the turn one wall on lap 10 and Armfield executed a half-spin that dropped him from contention on the 11th tour, the lead was Larrison’s for good. Davis, Travis Wolford, Dave Fritz and Nick Boyd followed Larrison to the line.

“Things were pretty rough at times this year,” said Larrison, who captured the thunder car title over Davis with the victory. “We had lots of good luck towards the end [of the year]. These guys gave me a really good run.”

Roger Cary won the UMP modified A main. He was followed by Joe Godsey, Don Kiger, Jeff Jones and Tony Roland.