September 7th, 2008

Sprint Car A-Main
1. 17 Chris Windom
2. 2b Dave Darland
3. 10t Thomas Meseraull
4. 9 Brady Bacon
5. 82 Shane Cottle
6. 57 Casey Shuman
7. 41 Critter Malone
8. 7p Anthony Peterman
9. 77 Dustin Smith
10. 32 Ron Dennis
11. 93 Dustin Morgan
12. 10f Blake Fitzpatrick
13. 5 Jon Stanbrough
14. 11 Hunter Schuerenberg
15. 2h Tracy Hines
16. 66 Corey Smith
17. 14 Coleman Gulick
18. 29w Cole Whitt
19. 10e Scotty Weir
20. 320 Tim Cox

Sprint Car B-Main #1
1. 9 Bacon (TR)
2. 2h Hines (TR)
3. 12g Chris Gurley
4. 35 Sammy Imel
5. 71 Dakoda Armstrong
6. 66j Josh Spencer
7. 40 Jason Cox
8. 9k Kevin Thomas Jr
9. 37 Casey Riggs
DNS 4x Dylan Burge

Sprint Car B-Main #2
1. 41 Malone (TR)
2. 77 Smith (TR)
3. 78 Adam Byrkett
4. 71a Caleb Armstong
5. 58 Jamie Fredrickson
6. 22k Kurt Gross
7. 96 Larry Bontrager
8. 09 JR Douglas
9. 17b Brett Burdette
10. 87 Dave Gross

Street Stock A-Main
1. 8 David Hurst
2. 11 Ryan Hines
3. 9 Glen Gamblin
4. 17 Tristan Ramseyer
5. 48 Arnie Prater
6. 19 Josh Gamblin
7. 65 Perry Shelton
8. 84 Thurman Wines
9. 62 David Jarvis
10. 13 Adam Heady
11. 3n Kaleb Nutter
12. 1b Harold Hunter
DNS 1n Jimmy Nutter
DNS 18m Andre Missig
DNS 1f Darol Floyd

Thunder Car A-Main
1. 56 Tony Bowman
2. 7d Allen Davis
3. L215 Paul Whittaker
4. 1jr Eric Hunter
5. 75 Marvin Uitts
6. 215 Gerald Armfield
7. 2h Tim Huffman
8. B1 Brandon Nutter
9. 38 Skid Moudy
10. 9 Junior Williams
11. 83 Ray Molder
12. 92 Scott Apple
13. 48 Fred Atkins
14. 33 Jeff Shaw
15. 92z Chanteal Zimmerman
16. 85 Warrell Law
17. 12c Steve Clark
18. 5j Jim Summitt
19. 952 Chris Hunter
20. 28d David Atkins

Windom Wins Osman Tribute
Hurst, Bowman Collect Wins; Weir, Gamblin and Davis are 2008 Champions

By Derek Fisher

At the conclusion of Kokomo Speedway’s August 31 sprint car feature, a two-lap shootout saw second place Cole Whitt sneak by leader Jon Stanbrough at the line to steal the victory.

This week during the season-ending Vince Osman Memorial, Kokomo veteran Dave Darland found himself in Whitt’s shoes as yet another two-circuit duel would decide the evening’s winner. Unfortunately for Darland, youngster Chris Windom was able to hold off Darland’s drive and captured his second career Kokomo conquest.

Windom was the early leader in the A feature after starting outside the first row. Darland, who started in the fifth position, used a great hole shot exiting the second corner on the event’s first lap to snare the runner up spot ahead of polesitter Coleman Gulick.

Windom worked the low side of the oval to pace the first four circuits while Darland tried the high line in hot pursuit of the lead. Behind them, Gulick quickly faded as Shane Cottle claimed third while Casey Shuman and Tracy Hines waged a heated battle for fourth.

Darland’s choice of the high groove paid off at the conclusion of the fifth lap when he did away with Windom for the lead exiting the fourth corner. Darland’s advantage grew exponentially just two corners later when Windom made a big bobble at the head of the backstretch, allowing the four-time Kokomo champ to push his lead to nearly a straightaway over the next half a dozen laps.

While Windom worked to chip away at Darland’s edge, several contenders had made considerable moves by the time the race was initially halted on lap 13 for Cole Whitt’s stalled mount. Hines had improved to third after winning his standoff with Shuman and a back-and-forth battle with Cottle, who rode fourth. Up to fifth and in front of Shuman was Brady Bacon, a fifth-row starter and winner of a lightning-fast B feature. The seventh and eighth positions belonged to the fastest movers so far, Hunter Schuerenberg and Thomas Meseraull. Meseraull was three cars better than his 11th starting spot, while Schuerenberg was up to his usual high-side tricks after beginning dead last due to a poor qualifying time.

The resumption of green-flag action was short lived after the ensuing lap 14 restart, as only one lap was completed before 2008 track champion Scotty Weir flipped hard and destroyed his Edison Motorsports machine in turn three. With Weir unhurt, the action was again stopped before a lap could be completed. The third caution period of the event was due to a turn one tangle that eliminated Whitt and Gulick and sent Dustin Morgan to the tail of the field.

The following attempt at a restart was not much better, as only two additional laps could be put in the books before the next stoppage, this time for Hines’ stall after a huge bicycle in turn two while pressuring Windom for second.

After Hines pulled pitside, Windom was hot on the heels of Darland as Bacon and Cottle fought tooth and nail for third in front of Schuerenberg. Finding momentum under Darland in the middle of turns three and four on lap 17, Windom threw a slider at turn four’s exit that ended at the leader’s left front tire, breaking Darland’s momentum and seizing the lead in an instant.

As Windom began to pull away slightly from Darland, the battle behind the lead duo was as hot as ever. Cottle broke clear of Bacon’s clutches for third on the 18th circuit, and Meseraull moved past a slowing Schuerenberg and into fifth on the same lap. By tour 20, Meseraull had cooked Bacon for fourth and was seriously hounding Cottle for a podium position. He found just that on the following lap, only to see Cottle retake the spot on lap 22. Regaining high-side momentum, Meseraull rebounded and reclaimed third on lap 23 just prior to Schuerenberg finally swiping the concrete in turn two to bring out the evening’s final yellow flag.

With Darland unable to do anything with Windom in the green-white-checkered conclusion, the remaining drama saw Bacon slip by Cottle and into fourth at the finish. Cottle hung on for fifth and was followed by Shuman.

“I kind of screwed up at the start of the race,” said Windom from victory circle. “Dave got around me and I moved to the top to track him down. I made up my mind to get around him on that first yellow.” When asked what it felt like to beat Darland at his home track Windom replied, “It’s a pleasure. I knew Dave was going to be one of the guys to beat tonight.”

In the street stock feature, David Hurst overcame an early battle with Ryan Hines to pick up his sixth Kokomo feature win of 2008.

The win was not quite enough for Hurst to claim the season championship however, as Glen Gamblin’s third-place effort was good enough to secure the crown. 2007 champion Andre Missig had been in the thick of the hunt as well until a heat race flip ended his night and title hopes prematurely.

After Hurst was free and clear of Hines after lap three, the battle raged on behind him. Tristan Ramseyer stole second from Hines on laps four and five, only to see Hines retake the spot on lap six after a Ramseyer bobble. Gamblin circled Ramseyer for third on the sixth circuit as well, as Arnie Prater introduced himself into fifth.

A late tussle between Hines and Gamblin put second place into question briefly, but Hines was able to keep the position at the finish. Ramseyer was fourth, Prater fifth and Josh Gamblin sixth.

Tony Bowman ended his 2008 Kokomo season in fine fashion, winning Sunday’s feature to make it 10 consecutive wins in the thunder car class.

Bowman had a brief battle with 2008 champion and front row mate Allen Davis early in the going, but by the third circuit Bowman had again checked out on the field.

Battling a pushing race car, Davis steadily worked his way through lapped traffic after Bowman beginning on lap six, but could make up little ground. Eric Hunter, who started inside the second row, ran a solid third behind Davis until lap 11, when Paul Whittaker pounced on the position.

The top four cars would not change over the final four laps of the 15-lap event. Marvin Uitts claimed fifth ahead of Gerald Armfield and Tim Huffman.